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Single TripTravel insurance for the over 75

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A single trip travel insurance policy covers only one journey. Needs may vary depending on whether the trip is for a few days (up to a month) or for an extended period. Portwoods provide single trip travel insurance for travellers aged over 75 for periods up to a year including cruises and for people with existing medical conditions.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance

There are many reasons why travel insurance is needed for a single trip. Of great importance is the reason for the trip, the duration and the countries visited. For travellers who go on frequent short(ish) trips then an annual travel insurance policy may be more suitable. However, when the age of the traveller becomes , 75 or 80 an annual policy is extremely expensive, for obvious reasons and some ingenuity is required to minimise the premiums e.g. insure the trip to America as a single trip and then have an Annual European only travel insurance policy. Please call us on 01388 607140 so we can discuss the options.

At the moment there are three providers from whom single trip travel insurance quotes can be obtained (including medical conditions). There are many more insurers whose travel insurance policies are available only from our office.


Types of single trips

Please note that there is not a single insurance scheme that is suitable for all options. Companies may not offer travel beyond a certain number of days and are not suitable for long stays e.g. winter vacations or extended visits to family/ relatives abroad.

  • Standard Holidays: example would be a single week in Spain or a couple of weeks in Florida with the family visitng Walt Disney World or other of the main atractions (Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Cape Canaveral etc)
  • Long Stay single trips: e.g. staying in the villa, by the mediterranean and escaping the UK harsh(ish) climate - or going to Australia or the USA to visit family members who have emigrated.
  • Winter Sports: e.g. a week in the Alps or Rocky mountains. Many travel insurance companies will not provide winter sports cover for the over 75, but we do have access to schemes at reasonable premiums offering wide cover. Some insurance companies regard the over 75 as being more mature, less reckless and are thus more unlikely to break a leg through losing control or, very important, injure another ski-er and thus face a potential public liability insurance claim for negligence (which can be very expensive if this happens in the USA of course.)
  • Activity holidays: Just because a traveller is aged over 75 or 70 (or even older) does not mean that they cannot enjoy an activity holiday. It is important that details of all such activities are checked against the cover provided under a specific travel insurance policy and one of the benefits of using an insurance broker is that we will find out the activities for which cover is required and locate a policy that can cover them.
  • We also provide quotes for backpacker trips. Although unlikely to be a benefit for the over 75, if you have children or grandchildren wanting to take time out for an extended journey then we can quote for them.
  • Cruises: Travel insurance for cruises is a specialist segment of the market. Although many policies will quote for cruises there are many factors that limit their suitability.
    • The cancellation cover required may be much higher than for a standard policy. Cover up to £30,000 or even more may be required for extended cruises e.g. round the world or even just one leg of the cruise.
    • Cruises may be booked a long time in advance - many companies only accept trips up to a year in advance.

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