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Travel Insurancefor the Over 75

Please use the call-back option (select an option under the 'Travel' menu above) to request a free, no obligation quote. We have a range of travel insurance policies available that may meet the requirements of the over 75 and find the best policy is to discuss your requirements and circumstances. Our policies are not available online.

Enjoying a holiday


Our travel insurance service provides a full range of options. Travellers over 75, including those with existing medical conditions, can obtain insurance quotes for all their needs including:-

Short stay holidays, longer trips away e.g. winter vacations/ seeing relatives, annual travel insurance. Winter Sports holidays and Cruises
or Contact us


As a long-established Insurance broker, B Portwood & Co Ltd have specialised in the travel insurance needs of the over 75 and have access to many schemes - some are available online (including medical screening), but we recommend that prospective customers contact us, so we can discuss the covers needed and provide the one most suitable for your trip. Our contact number is : 01388 607140


Over 75?

Scared of the potential cost of travel insurance now you are over 75? Over 75 travel insurance has now become more affordable and accessible thanks to B. Portwood's skills in offering Travel Insurance. The main benefits are the provision of cover for single trips up to 12 months. Cover is available for trips to America, Canada, or Australia if that is your destination. Annual travel insurance is also available - but see our page about annual travel insurance for ways to reduce the cost.

There are many travel insurance options for the over 75 we offer. As well as the three online services above (one of which offers a choice from several policies) we have access to a wider range of policies if you contact us. The range of covers is immense with cancellation cover ranging from £500.00 on some of the cheaper policies to £10,000 on the better. For travellers needing higher cancellation cover e.g. for cruise travel insurance, we can either go to specialist insurers or negotiate a premium to extend the current policy.

There are many options - you can delete luggage and cancellation cover if you don't need them or you can remove the excess for instance

Medical conditions. Travelers with medical conditions should be aware that they need to ensure that the medical conditions are covered. The online quotes above provide online medical assessment tools so that the cost of cover is known before the policy is purchased. Travellers with severe medical conditions (those that cannot be covered when a quote is provided) can contact us on 01388 607140. Please note that full details of medication and all conditions that affect the traveller are required. It is not, normally, possible just to cover some medical conditions and not others, since one condition may have an adverse effect on another.

Rating Areas

In general, travel insurance operates in 4 rating areas. The definition of Europe can vary significantly between schemes - some provide substantially wider including countries in North Africa with a Mediterranean coastline (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt), as well as Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Due to the political situation in some of these countries it is imperative that you check that the Foreign and Colonial Office haven't advised against travel. If they have then the policy will not be valid. Examples of countries in each area are shown below - but, unless a quotation system asks specifically for each country to be visited, be careful that they are in the region selected. If in doubt - then call us.

Travel to the UK and Ireland

Always Included : England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

The following areas are rated as Europe: Eire (Ireland), Channel Islands, Isle of Man. Travellers living on the Isle of Man or the Chanell Islands will have to rate the UK as Europe


Always Included : Countries in Mainland Europe West of the Ural Mountains, Mediterranean Islands, Canary Islands, Azores, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Channel Islands, Isle of Man

Worldwide Excluding USA

Always Included : Anywhere other than USA/ Canada/ Caribbean Countries


Always Included : USA/ Canada

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