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Travel insurance for the Over 80

We have several travel insurance policies suitable for the over 80: these are not available online. To obtain a free no obligation quote select the appropriate option from the 'Travel' drop-down menu above and we will call you back to discuss your circumstances and the cover you need.


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Over 80 travel insurance needs for the elderly can be met at B. Portwood - we are expert in travel insurance and have access to many schemes, both online and office based and can cover long stays, cruises, annual travel insurance and travellers with existing medical conditions.


B Portwood & Co Ltd have specialised in the travel insuance needs of the over 80 for many years. We were established in 1963 and provided online services for nearly 20 years. We have access to many schemes that can provide travel insurance to meet the needs of the elderly. Some are available online (including cover for existing medical conditions), for others we recommend that prospective customers contact us, so we can discuss the covers needed and provide the one most suitable for your trip. Our contact number is : 01388 607140


Over 80?

As specialists in travel insurance for the over 75, B Portwood & Co Ltd have access to many schemes that cater for the over 80. Over 80 travel insurance is not available through many sites online, especially for long stays over 30 days, however we can offer quotes for single stay travel insurance, which provides cover up to 365 days a trip for all UK travellers up to the age of 84 and for travellers of any age for shorter trips. We can also offer cover for high risk activities such as winter sports and have access to schemes for cruise insurance - which can involve substantially higher sums insured than a normal travel insurance policy.

Policy Benefits

Insurance policies vary in cover provided (sections) as well as levels of benefits. For example one policy provides 4 levels of travel insurance cover, Economy, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Economy policy excludes cancellation and luggage, so is probably most suitable for travellers mainly concerned about medical expenses and unwilling to pay substantial amounts for unwanted cover. This could, for example be travellers who intend to stay with family members on their destination. The Bronze policy provides £1,000 cancellation, £1,000 luggage and £2,000,000 medical expenses cover and should be considered for normal package holidays to Europe. The increased levels of cover on the Silver contract (£3,000 cancellation, £5,000,000 medical expenses and £1,750 luggage) would suggest most long-haul holidays whereas the high levels on the Gold contract (£10,000 cancellation, £2,500 luggage and Unlimited medical expenses) caters for the more expensive holiday. Other policy sections also have improved levels of cover in the Silver and Gold Contract.

It is perfectly reasonable to purchase a better policy if the improved levels of cover are required even if the overall cancellation liability needed is less.

A full breakdown of sums insured is provided on the quotation results page from each online scheme, or will be e-mailed to you or discussed if the office is contacted, before the product is purchased.

Medical Conditions

There may be pre-existing medical conditions. The online policies available above operate an automatic medical-screening tool that assesses the increased probability of making a claim due to existing medical conditions. Humans are far more flexible than computers however! if you contact us and provide a full list of medical conditions then we can either make our own recommendation or suggest a suitable policy where the medical screening is done via the phone - this makes it more likely that a correct quote is obtained. Whether cover is purchased is entirely up to the proposer although sensible decision would be to obtain cover to prevent potential substantial costs incurring. (The EHIC provides some cover for medical treatment in subscribing countries but no associated costs e.g. emergency transport home.

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