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Travel insurance for the Over 65

Please request a call-back to discuss your needs for over 65 travel insurance

Although over 65 travel insurance is relatively cheap it is a complex product. We recommend that you take advantage of our expertise by requesting a call back where we can discuss your circumstances and needs. There is no obligation and the service is free. To request a call-back just select an option from the 'Travel' drop-down menu above and await our call.

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Portwoods are specialists in providing travel insurance for the over 65, including those with medical conditions. Long stay travel insurance is a speciality and we can cover once in a lifetime holidays such as cruises or other trips necessitating high cancellation cover.


As a long-established Insurance broker, B Portwood & Co Ltd have specialised in the travel insurance needs of the over 65 and have access to many schemes, some online, but a plethora of alternatives are available. We recommend that prospective customers contact us, so we can discuss the covers needed and provide the one most suitable for your trip. Our contact number is : 01388 607140

Each of the online schemes has online medical screening and can quote for a variety of medical conditions. If you contact us, however, we will require full details of all medications being taken, including generic prescriptions for reduction of cholesterol etc. These are needed to ensure full cover is provided. If you buy online you do so at your own risk.


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Now you are retired you can enjoy life, with the children having left (hopefully) your time is your own and with the mortgage paid a potential rise in income means that travel is now affordable and accessible whilst you and your partner are still sufficiently fit and active to enjoy the wonders of the world, or indulge in that cruise of a lifetime.

Internet-based travel insurance schemes concentrate on providing cheap cover for people that won't claim! This means that they can minimise their claims-handling team (or outsource it) and, since the most expensive claims are actually cancellation (often caused by a medical condition manifesting), rather than medical expenses claims whilst on holiday, they tend to shy away from insuring the elderly. The increase in premiums, not only reflect the additional probability of claiming, but also administration costs from handling such claims.

Perhaps the cost of insuring your trips is of concern? Perhaps your bank won't cover you now you are over 65? Perhaps you have existing medical conditions and find that internet policies don't meet your requirements. Don't worry. B Portwood & Co Ltd are specialists in the over 75 travel insurance market and have access to many of the major insurance providers. One call and we can do it all. On this site are links to quotes for online purchasing of various products: we do recommend, however, that customers call us so that a) we may assess their requirements against the policies we have available and b) we may offer different products for which it is impossible for the consumer to purchase direct from the supplier.

With so many schemes available to us, it is n ot surprising that we can meet the demands and needs of most elderly travellers over 75. Single trips can be covered up to 365 days (up to 84 - shorter single trips at any age) so there is no problem if you want to fly to Canada or America and see your grandchildren, or maybe visit Australia and New Zealand and see the sights (Ayres Rock, Sydney harbour Bridge, Lord of the Rings country for example - or even endure the agony (or ecstacy!) of sitting at Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and watching the Test Matches.) Maybe an extended cruise in the Caribbean (we can cover up to £10,000 cancellation cover online - higher than most companies, to protect you before you travel). Specialist cruise travel insurance policies are available if higher cancellation cover sums are required.

Annual travel insurance is available a trip if required, although it must be said that unless a lot more travel is anticipated than just a couple of holidays, several single trip policies may be cheaper. Further information about multi trip travel insurance is available elsewhere on the site.

Pre existing medical conditions can be covered in many cases (with immediate online quotes during the application) however if cover is not available, just call us on 01388 607140 and we can approach several different companies to povide you with a free quote.

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B Portwood & Co Ltd are registered in England (785468) and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the arrangement and administration of non-investment insurance products. This can be checked on the FCA website or by calling 0800 111 6768. B. Portwood & Co Ltd are also a licenced credit broker.

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