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Landlord Insurance Requirements

For us to provide a quotation for landlord insurance, the following information will be required.

Once the information is available, please use the quotation link below to obtain the quote for landlord insurance.

The Buildings

  • Age and Type of property, Construction, especially if not brick/ stone and roofed with slate/ tiles , percentage of roof that is flat. Rebuilding cost, including debris removal and architect fees. Whether any history of subsidence or in an area prone to flooding.

The Contents

  • Cost to replace the contents as new - note that landlord insurance does not cover the contents of the tenants.

The Tenants

  • Whether the tenancy agreement is with the tenant or a third party, if the rent will be paid direct by the tenant, if there is more than one tenancy agreement (e.g. bed-sits or student lets) or if the tenants will be asylum seekers.

Insurance History

  • Whether the property has suffered any loss or damage in the last 5 years, especially flood or subsidence. If so the dates and the amounts.

  • Whether the landlord has made claims elsewhere or has been made bankrupt or committed any criminal (non motor) acts and been convicted


Click for your quote for landlord insurance Maximum buildings sum insured 500,000
Maximum contents sum insured 50,000
Click here for higher sums insured


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