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Landlord Insurance from an Insurance Broker

Unlike an insurance company or many direct sellers of landlord insurance, B. Portwood & Co Ltd are an Insurance Broker. 

Traditionally, and still to us, an insurance broker has a higher obligation to a customer than making a quick sale of an insurance product. That is why we endeavour to help our clients with all their insurance needs, provide free advice on all their insurance products that they have with us and do not overcharge or rip them off through high administration (15.00) or cancellation (15 + commission clawback) fees.

If you want to buy insurance online and risk not obtaining the cover you want, or have a claim voided through inadvertent non-disclosure through mis-reading requirements of cover, or being charged excessive amounts then feel free to do so. The alternative is simple - contact us on 01388 697195 and we'll act as your insurance broker. Remember - it is our policy to put our clients first.


Click for your quote for landlord insurance Maximum buildings sum insured 1,000,000
Maximum contents sum insured 50,000
Click here for higher sums insured


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