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Comprehensive Landlord Insurance

A Guide how to compare cheap landlord insurance

A comprehensive landlord insurance policy should have the following features available. (Some may be included automatically, some may be optional extras)

  • Accidental Damage for Buildings

  • Accidental Damage for Contents

  • New for old Cover for Contents (no deduction for wear and tear for most article)

  • Reinstatement Cover for Buildings (no depreciation)

  • Loss of rent - should the property be uninhabitable after an insured event

  • Liability cover as a property owner.

  • Employer's liability insurance - if the landlord employs maintenance staff etc.

  • Legal Expenses Insurance - to cover costs of reclaiming the building if the tenant refuses to leave as well as contract disputes and possible tax investigations

  • Rent Guarantee Insurance (may be an optional extra to the Legal Expenses policy), to cover loss of rent if the tenant refuses to pay it - usually only available if references are taken.

Click for your quote for landlord insurance Maximum buildings sum insured 500,000
Maximum contents sum insured 50,000
Click here for higher sums insured


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