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Holiday Home Insurance

Please use our call-back facility for your holiday home insurance quote

As insurance brokers we have access to many holiday home insurance policies, that weren't available online. For a free no-obligation quotation you can request a call-back by selecting the appropriate option on the 'Houses' drop-down menu above and completing a very simple form. We find that obtaining for the correct information directly provides a more accurate holiday home insurance quote. Alternatively please call us directly on 01388 607140.

 Premiums will depend if the holiday home is for your own (and family) use or let out commercially for a profit. Insurance for a second home is a specialised market and it is advisable to use an insurance broker to ensure the correct cover is obtained.

  • If the home is for your own use or your relatives you need to contact us.

  • Quotes for holiday homes that are let out to provide a source of income.

  • Options to cover buildings only, contents only or combined cover for both.

  • Accidental damage cover on both buildings and contents available

Click for your quote for landlord insurance Maximum buildings sum insured 3,000,000
Maximum contents sum insured 150,000
Higher sums on request


More about insuring holiday homes

Since, by definition, a holiday home is not occupied continually, many insurance companies refuse to provide quotes unless the main dwelling is covered by them. This is particularly true if the home is used not only as a second home but also commercially.

There are two main reasons: The first is that the holiday home will be occupied by individuals and families who do not own the property hence are less likely to look after the building and contents whilst they are resident. The second, as alluded to, is that the property may be unoccupied for extensive periods and thus circumstances leading to potential loss or damage may not be spotted immediately, resulting in increased damage (and hence claim costs).

However many landlord insurance based companies offer holiday home insurance as an option with rates, terms and conditions appropriate to the perceived level of risk (these may be sums insured and location for instance).

How to reduce the cost of holiday home insurance

The only real way to get a cheaper holiday home insurance quote is by increasing the excess on the insurance policy voluntarily.

For smaller homes, where the sum insured is low, the discount resulting from increasing the excess may not warrant selecting the excess - having to find 250 or 500 in the event of a claim may be inconvenient - especially if the excess is applied twice by the insurance company due to a claim being made both on the buildings and contents section.

Insuring Holiday homes as part of a property portfolio

Landlords may own multiple properties including holiday homes as well as property let out. There are various classifications of tenants: professional lets, DSS referrals, Students, Asylum Seekers (provided agreement with approved agency - not a charity),  HMOs, bedsits. if you own at least five of these properties we can offer a single policy to cover them all - including shops, offices and single-tenure commercial.

Holiday Home Insurance abroad and overseas

We can also quote for homes that are abroad. Amongst the countries for which we can quote are : France, Eire, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.  Quotes are not available online so please call us on 01388 607140

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