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Second home insurance

Request a call-back for your second home insurance

As insurance brokers we have access to a number of second home insurance schemes that aren't available online. If you request a call back (by selecting one of the options on the 'Houses' drop-down menu, we can discuss the options available to you and provide a free, no onbligation, quote.

We define second home insurance (own use) as an insurance policy meeting the demands and needs of a person who owns another home, but who does not let out it out but uses it solely for their own enjoyment. We also consider it to be own use if the property is used by friends or other family members providing that no element of profit is involved in any payment. 

Policies normally offer the options of covering:-

  • The buildings

  • Your contents (not those of friends!)

  • Property owners liability

and some homeowners insurance contracts may be extended to include accidental damage to the buildings and contents.

Please note thatinsurance on a second home frequently exclude valuables - such as gold, jewellery etc. Full details will be provided on the key-facts document we send you. If this is the case we recommend you extend your own house insurance policy to an all-risks basis to cover valuables away from your main home.

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Click for your quote for landlord insurance Maximum buildings sum insured 1,000,000
Maximum contents sum insured 50,000
Higher sums available on request

Note that insurance for a second home is underwritten on our landlord insurance policy. Should you happen to own other residential property that is let out, or vacant then we can cover them as well. Indeed, if you own five or more properties other than the one in which you live we can offer special low rates on our landlords portfolio insurance scheme.

Non Standard Risks

Whilst second home insurance itself may be regarded as being non-standard - since many companies do not offer cover - there are other possible non-standard possibilities.

  • The house may be in an area exposed to storm or flood.

  • The house could be in an area prone to subsidence

  • The house could be of non-standard construction: i.e. not built of brick or stone and not roofed with slates or tiles (or the modern equivalent.

As brokers we have access to various markets to cover these problems. Indeed our carrier for this scheme are very flexible if the risk otherwise appears acceptable . Naturally we can't guarantee that cover will br provided to cover these risks but in most cases a suitable quotation can be found.

About B. Portwood & Co Ltd

Established in 1963, we operate from 145 Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland. DL14 7EN (tel: 01388 607140) where your policy will be administered.

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