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Landlord Insurance for DSS tenants

For landlords insurance, we define a DSS referral let as property let to an individual or family where the rental agreement is with the DSS, council or Housing association and they, not you as landlord, has control of who lives in the property. (This form of let is usually more expensive to insure than a professional or subsidised let)

Note that better rates are available for property let to tenants where the tenancy agreement is with the tenant, but the rent is subsidised by the DSS.

Policies normally offer the options of covering:-

and some contracts may be extended to include accidental damage to the buildings and employers liability. We offer the best landlords insurance of DSS referrals and online quotes for all type of let/ unoccupied property. Click the link below for the cheapest policies and compare our rates.

Cheap sample quotes (250 excess, 3 years no claims bonus)

  • 100,000 sum insured - outside London Area: DSS tenant (agreement with council) or other third party : 112.31 

  • 250,000 sum insured - outside London Area: Subsidised (agreement with tenant) : 169.07

  • 250,000 sum insured - inside London Area: DSS tenant : 323.14

Accidental damage cover is available in all cases (5% extra). We only have two buildings insurance rates - in effect inside and outside London. However contents insurance depends on exact location.

Quote and Buy

Click for your quote for landlord insurance Maximum buildings sum insured 1,000,000
Maximum contents sum insured 150,000
Click here for higher sums insured

Non Standard Risks

We are always ready to consider non standard risks - such as property close to flood areas, previous claims, non-standard construction. In such cases complete the online application, provide as much information as possible (dates, amounts, causes and what risk-prevention measures have been undertaken - for claims, exact construction if non-standard) and we will refer it to underwriters. We will accept properties with flat roofs but if they are over 10 years old then damage to, or caused directly or indirectly by, the flat roof is excluded unless the rood is inspected annually by a competent person, repairs undertaken expeditiously and a record kept - in which case the excess is increased by 250.00.


if you own 5 or more properties we can insure them on a portfolio basis. the premium depends not only on sums insured and location but also the breakdown of tenants (all types catered for). Instead of a No claims bonus (maximum 15%) a portfolio discount (20%) is applied and there is no administration fee.

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