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We offer several different touring caravan insurance policies: these are not available online. To request a free no obligation insurance quote for your touring caravan please select an option from the 'Other Personal' menu above and we will contact you to discuss your situation and needs.

As well as touring caravan insurance we can provide cheap quotes for static caravan insurance, and park homes

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Hobby Caravans

We can quote for hobby caravans but you will have to call us on 01388607140 to obtain a quote. The insurance company is very selective regarding location kept etc so we cannot guarantee that a quote will be provided.

Security on touring caravans

As a touring caravan can be easily moved security is a problem. Insurance companies will insist that the caravan is secured with a hitchlock - and many will give discounts for improved security. If you want a quote for touring caravan insurance, you can obtain a touring caravan insurance quote here. We compare a range of insurers and can offer extra discounts for caravan club members and those who have a proven claim-free caravanning history. If you want static caravan insurance then information about static caravan insurance is also available.

Driving Licence and vehicle licence requirements to tow touring caravans

The permissions depend on how long you have had a driving licence.

If you passed your test between Jan 1976 and Jan 1986, a class A licence allowed you to drive cars and goods vehicles up to 7500Kg providing the total Maximum Authorised Mass did not exceed 8250Kg

A similar (but not identical) allowance applied from Jan 1986 to Jun 1990

Between June 1990 and December 1997 you required a category E attached to Category B (cars less than 3500Kg MAM), Category C1 ( vehicles MAM 7500kg) and C (Any heavy vehicle)

After Jan 1997 if you have category B, you can drive a vehicle with a caravan PROVIDING the COMBINED MAM is less than 3500Kg and the caravan must be lighter than the vehicle. NB the weight of the vehicle is the MAXIMUM weight - which will exceed the unladen weight.

To tow a heavier caravan you need category 'E'  added. 

Example: Elddis Explore 302 has a weight of 930Kg. It can be towed legally under a category B licence provided the maximum weight of the car exceeds 930Kg and is less than 2570Kg

Example: Elddis Crusader Superstorm has a weight of 1860Kg. As this is more than half of 3500Kg a category C+E licence will be needed and the vehicle exceed 1860Kg in weight.

Worried about Security for touring caravan? Why not try Link to Klamp-it for wheel clamps etc

For more information about the touring caravan insurance cover provided  or touring caravan insurance exclusions typically applied follow the appropriate link.

If you need any advice on touring caravan insurance please call us on 0844 8262617

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