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Static Caravan Insurance

We recommend that you request a call-back so we can discuss your needs for static caravan insurance

As Insurance brokers we have several different caravan insurance schemes available, offering a range of covers and benefits. To find you the caravan insurance cover you need we recommend that you ask for a free, no-obligation call back, where we can discuss your situation and requirements. To request a call back select the appropriate option from the 'Other Personal' drop-down menu above and complete the very simple form.

Static caravan insurance cover - some examples

(This section provide information about touring and static caravan and the insurance cover. Not all insurance policies will have all these sections and of course the limits under each section will be different.)

  • Loss or damage to the static caravan - including fixtures and fittings/ equipment of the static (which could include refrigerators, microwaves, cookers, gas bottles, awnings, steps, balconies, generators.) This is generally on an 'all-risks' basis so unless something is excluded e.g. damage to mains cables supplying services to the caravan, it will be covered.

  • Replacement of the caravan as new - following total loss or destruction beyond repair. It must be less than a certain age and you must insure it for its current purchase price (or that of a similar model) - this may mean increasing the sum insured on the caravan each year.

  • Freezer contents in the caravan - a typical limit is 250.00 - and a typical exclusion would be if the electricity supply to your caravan were cut off due to non-payment

  • Loss of keys to the caravan - cost to replace locks, doors or windows following damage to the caravan or the loss of the caravan keys - typical sum insured 250.00

  • Liability to the public arising out of the use of the caravan- many site owners may require you to have liability insurance for your caravan - typical values are 1,000,000 or 2,000,000. (You can select the level of cover needed when asking for a quote)

  • Loss of use of the caravan - and hiring charges - cover for alternative accommodation if your caravan is uninhabitable, the hire of an alternative caravan and, if the caravan site where you have your static caravan is forced to close, a proportionate part of the ground rent. Typical values are 50.00 per day and 1,500 in total.

  • Personal accident benefits - arising out of the use of the caravan - can cover up to 20,000 for instance but people may not be covered and children (under 16) may have reduced benefits.

  • Loss or damage WITHIN THE CARAVAN of contents and personal effects  - We would recommend that any valuable items should be insured under your house insurance (all-risks section) as the cover is wider. This section is aimed at covering articles of personal use such as clothing, luggage and general household goods.

  • A note about the excess on a caravan insurance policy - whilst insurance for a touring caravan may have a compulsory excess of, say 75.00 - if you have a static caravan we have policies where there is a 100 franchise. If you aren't familiar with the term - in insurance a 'franchise' means that claims BELOW the level of the franchise (in this case 100) will not be paid at all but claims ABOVE the level will be paid in full i.e. no deduction for an excess. This means that the insurance company will not pay out low cost claims but provide better cover for larger ones.

  • When you obtain your quote for your caravan insurance with us you will probably note one company that is missing. Although it is very cheap and we are agents we do not like the cover it provides, the exclusions on the policy nor the way it works out 'monthly' direct debits.

Static caravan insurance

For more information on static caravan insurance please go to our static caravan insurance webpage. There you will find information on static caravan insurance and compare the policies we offer.

For caravan insurance in general have a look at our caravan insurance main page. There will be explained details of caravan insurance and information on other related topics.

Quotes for static caravan insurance and touring caravan insurance are available on our compare caravan insurance quote page.

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