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Rented Property Insurance

The requirement for rented property insurance may either rest with the landlord or the tenant. This depends on whether cheap cover is required for the building/ landlord contents or the contents of the occupant. (It is not possible for landlords to insure the property of the tenant.)

If you are the renter and require an insurance quotation for your own contents, click here. (We have no minimum sums insured and very competitive rates.)

If you are the landlord and require cheap insurance on the property (buildings and/or contents) you let out then we have two options: (Contents cover on its own is only available for single flats in a block where the whole block of flats is insured elsewhere).

1) Quote and buy online with immediate cover

This is our own rented property insurance scheme underwritten by SAGIC (Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation). There are no minimum sums insured, however there are maximum sums insured of 500,000 for the buildings and 50,000 for your own contents. There are no restrictions on the types of tenants (professional, DSS or whatever) but the premiums do reflect the tenants/ tenancy agreements.

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2) Compare our range of rented property insurance policies

Please note that whilst a much wider range of rented property insurance policies quote, the rates compared are only an indication (other than SAGIC). We recommend that the landlord compares insurance and completes the online submission form (no obligation or financial commitment) so we can review the many policies we have available and give a recommendation (we have other schemes available that are not shown on the comparative insurance quotation system.

Compare the various rented property insurance schemes.

Further Information - types of tenants

Experienced rented property owners should already know the difference, but for any first-time entrants, here is a quick guide as to tenancy types and how they affect the insurance. (Some insurers give wider definitions)

  1. Standard/ Professional : The tenancy agreement is with the tenant who pays the rent from their own income.

  2. Subsidized : The tenancy agreement is with the tenant, but the rent is paid by a third party.

  3. DSS: The tenancy agreement is with the council or DSS and they have control of who occupies the property. There is a further restriction that the tenant is not an asylum seeker (see below)

  4. Asylum seekers: since asylum seekers cannot effect their own tenancy agreements then by definition this falls into a sub-category of DSS. Make sure that 'Asylum Seekers' is selected as an option if required.

  5. Students: very popular in some cities, cover extends to properties let to more than one student for the academic year. The students may only have their own bedrooms and share facilities.

  6. Bedsits : property which has been converted so that each occupant merely has a bedroom/ bathroom with shared facilities.

  7. Unoccupied property - we can cover this under the same options as above - the property may be on the market to sell, to let out, to be owner occupied or investment property. Our quotation system provides insurance quotes for all of these options

  8. Holiday homes/ second homes : The property may be rented out on short periods for profit or just used by the owner/ family/ friends. Both options are catered for.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

We can also quote for unoccupied property insurance as well as residential let insurance. Immediate cover is available online for unoccupied property insurance.

Compare Landlords Insurance

You can compare landlord insurance quotes on our home page. Landlord insurance covers  property let to residents of different types. Options include accidental damage to buildings and contents as well as voluntary excesses.