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Renters Insurance (contents)

This product is suitable for renters for property from landlords but require insurance for their own contents. Landlords can obtain quotes for rented property insurance, buy to let insurance or landlord insurance.

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Use the quick quote option to see if the renters insurance premium will be competitive. Use the full quote to supply full information to confirm that the risk is acceptable. (If the risk has to be referred then this does not mean automatic refusal - each risk will be viewed on its own merits and evidence of risk improvement may tip the balance towards acceptance.)

Benefits of our Renters Insurance

  • No Minimum sums insured: Obviously the sum insured must reflect the cost of replacing all of your own contents. (Landlords should be insuring any contents that they supply separately)

  • Low standard excess: Only 75.00 - it can be increased to 150 or 250 however we suggest only doing this if there are substantial sums to be insured as the savings in the premium (albeit 10% or 20%) may not be commensurate with the potential additional loss.

  • Rewarding careful tenants - discounts of up to 15% for tenants with three years claim free experience and those who have a professional alarm system installed.

  • Wide acceptance criteria - properties in flood or subsidence areas will be reviewed and terms imposed depending on previous flooding/ subsidence history and proximity/height above water courses

  • Cover is the same as a standard household policy - full perils with options to include all-risks cover and full accidental accidental damage if required.

May we remind you of your obligation to disclose all material facts. A material fact is one that affects the assessment of the risk. This obligation may change to a full disclosure of all information requested on the proposal form.

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