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Commercial and Business Insurance

This commercial insurance is suitable for businesses located in England, Scotland and Wales, although it does allow for some work-away activity in Norther ireland and the EU. It is suitable for businesses that either work in their property or who rent business premises. Property owners who merely own the premises but do not work there can obtain quotes, in most cases through our property owner's insurance scheme.

There are many business types for which cover can be provided.

On this scheme we will quote for unoccupied property, subject to the terms below:

Unacceptable Risks (contact us for alternatives)

Refer Risks - cover not available online

We are unable to quote on this scheme for the following:

If any of the proposers:

  1. Have been declared Bankrupt more than once
  2. Are undischarged Bankrupts
  3. Has been made Insolvent more than once
  4. Have been disqualified under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986
  5. have More than 3 CCJ's in the last six years
  6. Have had more than one creditors liquidation or the amount is over 500,000
  7. has been involved in more than one compulsory liquidation or the amount is over 500,000
  8. Have unspent convictions for Theft, Fraud, Arson or Sex offences
  9. Have failed to comply with an HSE notice

If any of the properties

  1. Is situated other than in Great Britain, Channel Islands and Isle of Man
  2. Is Built before 1850
  3. Is a Grade 1 (Grade A in Scotland) listed building. Or a Grade 2 (Grade B in Scoitland) over 2,500,000
  4. Is built with daub, or non LPCB approved composite Panels
  5. Is roofed with Stramit (Strawboard) or Thatch.
  6. Are unoccupied and are derelict, awaiting destruction, in an extreme or High crime or high arson area, been unoccupied for more than two years, no plans to bring it back to use within six months, is a pub, nightclub, school, hospital or religious building, has a rebuilding cost in excess of 2,500,000, is not secured against illegal entry with securely locked and fastened doors and windows, sealed letter boxes, and all security and alarm protections in full operation and in working order
  7. Is occupied by asylum seekers, refugees, or is for the use of the proposer and/ or family members.


We may be able to quote on this scheme - please complete the form. In many cases you will be able to 'plead your case' if there are mitigating circumstances or substantial changes have been made to improve the risk.

If any of the proposers:

  1. Have been declared Bankrupt once in the last three years up to 50,000 debt and is now discharged
  2. Has been insolvent once and is now discharged (but not disqualified) over 3 years ago with a debt less than 50,000 - or with a debt over 50,000 in the last three years
  3. Has up to thrree (inclusive) CCJs in the last six years.
  4. Has had only one liquidation or insolvency not exceeding 500,000
  5. Has had a previous policy cancelled for fraud, non-disclosure or misrepresentation
  6. Have any unspent convictions (Theft, Fraud, Arson and Sex offences are decline)
  7. Has been subject to an HSE fine, investigation or notice

If any of the properties

  1. Is a grade 3 (grade C in Scotland) listed building (Grade 3 = better quality than a grade 2)
  2. Has a roof made from asbestos, wood, zinc, or any unspecified material (other than Stramit/ Thatch

If the following Claims History has been reached or exceeded  

  1. A single claim exceeding 50,000 in the last five years
  2. Three of more claims in the last five years
  3. Any previous arson claims
  4. A claims history above 50% loss ratio in the last five years. As a guide this means more than 2 1/2 times the premium quoted.