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Travel insurance for the elderly, , over 75 and medical conditions

We specialise in travel insurance for people up to 85 (annual trips) and unlimited singe trips.

When you are you may find it hard to obtain a quote for travel insurance. Especially online many insurance companies stop at the age of 65. Not us! As Insurance brokers we can provide travel insurance even for people aged - in fact there is no upper age limit on some of our travel insurance policies.

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Our travel insurance quotation system allows you to buy immediate cover - even if you are over 75. However you should call us or the medical screening lines shown if you have any pre-existing medical conditions to ensure that cover can be provided. Please note that if you do not contact us the policy will be sold on a non-advised basis, which means that it is up to you to check that the travel insurance is suitable. As travel insurance for the s is a specialist market it may be a good idea to contact us so we can check your needs and make a recommendation as to the correct travel insurance policy to buy.

New policy launches providing over 75 travel insurance

The over 75 will be delighted that a new travel insurance policy has been launched on 1st April 2012. The policy - branded Redwood specifically caters for the mature traveller offering cover for travel up to 365 days for people up to and including 85 and annual travel insurance - with a choice of 31, 45, 61 and 93 days a trip to the age of 74.

The Redwood policy is currently unavailable. you may

The rates have been specifically chosen so the price is cheaper, especially for travel outside Europe than can be found on travel insurance comparison websites (two weeks for someone over 80 to America is less than 100) with generous discounts for excluding baggage and cancellation cover if not needed. The excess is also lower (choice of 100, 50, 25) and can be deleted if not desired.

If you don't need advice about your needs then you may Obtain an online travel insurance quotation at a reduced price.

Alternatively please feel free to call us on 01388 607140 during normal office hours. Our experienced staff will be only too please to discuss your insurance options and we may be able to arrange immediate cover for your travel insurance policy.

Existing Conditions - medical screening or online applications when 65?

As the over 75 frequently have existing conditions much travel insurance will depend on acceptability criteria. Our insurance products provide a plethora of options including on-line screening, if the user is comfortable utilising the facility or bespoke medical screening through an operator. Each insurance policy we offer has its own method of providing cover for existing conditions (information is provided on the results page of our quotation system).

Regions: Europe, Australia, Worldwide, America/ Canada/ Caribbean

Since we offer a range of insurance policies, the over 75 will find a competitive travel insurance policy wherever in the world they wish to travel. Please note, however that this variety means that the traditional regions (UK/ Europe/ Australia/ Worldwide Excluding USA and Worldwide Including USA) may have some overlap especially when visiting the Middle East/ Northern Africa - some insurance companies rate these countries as 'Europe' whilst others rate them as 'worldwide'. Our recommendation would be to select 'Europe' as the area and then include the country separately.

More about travel insurance generally and Portwood in Particular

As well as providing the over 75 with travel insurance, B Portwood & Co Ltd offer a wide range of other policies. Our cheap insurance quotation system automatically selects those policies that meet any particular demand or need. For instance - if you need cover for a long stay then our long stay travel insurance policies will quote - providing cover up to 18 months if needed.

Backpacking - cheap and cheerful travel insurance cover - not for the over 75!

This also applies to backpackers - there are several policies aimed at the young traveller - usually providing limited cover but including many hazardous activities - we offer quotes from PJ Hayman, Citybond, Coe Connections amongst other leading companies.

Winter sports and annual travel policies for the over 75.

The other two categories are winter sports and annual insurance. Annual policies are now available up to 93 days a trip for people up to 74 and 31 days a trip for travellers up to 85. Winter sports policies are available for people up to 85 - however in this case it is imperative that you check that the winter sports you intend to partake in are covered - anything out of the unusual e.g. heli ski-ing should be reviewed carefully by reading the policy - or contacting us if you have any queries.


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Specialised travel insurance needs.

over 75?

Even if you are over 75 we can meet your travel insurance needs for to 365 days away or 93 days a trip for annual travel insurance. So if you are over 75 more information about our travel insurance for the over 75 policies, terms and conditions, including cover for medical conditions.


When travel insurance is still available for up to 365 days for a single trip, winter sports, or annual travel insurance for 93 days a trip. Further information about travel insurance is available with instant quotes and buy online.

Over 75?

Still no problem - the over 75 can still obtain long stay travel insurance for a year and winter sports covers. It doesn't matter if going to the USA, Worldwide or just Europe and medical conditions can be covered. You can obtain an over 75 travel insurance quote through our online quotation system and buy online.

Over 80?

Our unique Redwood travel insurance is suitable for travelers over 80 with online screening for medical conditions, with single trips for 366 days available. More information on over 80 travel insurance is available though our dedicated page.

Winter Sports

Winter sports cover for travel insurance is available up to 85. Information about winter sports travel insurance is available including various activities, with cheap premiums, especially for the USA and Canada.


Cheap backpacker travel insurance is available. Cover is more limited but backpacker travel insurance can be exceedingly cheap especially with a large excess.

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