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Policy Key Facts (Post Jul 2017)
Landlords/ Portfolio/ Unoccupied Policy | Key Facts
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Legal Expenses Policy | Key Facts (Post Jul 2017)
Legal Expenses Policy | Key Facts (Post Nov 2017)

Property Insurance

Online insurance quotes for all types of residential property in the UK.

  • Landlords Insurance (buy to let insurance)

    • All types of tenants catered for:

      • Professionals (tenancy agreement with, and rent paid by tenant - the occupant need not be a professional person)

      • Subsidised (tenancy agreement with tenant, rent paid by a third party)

      • DSS (tenancy agreement with and rent paid by a third party who have control of occupant)

      • Students

      • Asylum Seekers

      • Bedsits

    • If property becomes vacant for more than 31 days e.g. between tenancies then we must be advised - property will be rated as unoccupied (see below for cover options)

  • Holiday (second) Homes

    • Own Use (or family/ friends)

    • Let out on a commercial Basis

  • Proposer Occupied  - normal house insurance for owner occupier or for tenants wanting to insure their own contents

  • Unoccupied Property Insurance

    • Any reason for unoccupancy considered

      • Property Unoccupied pending sale

      • Property Unoccupied awaiting tenants

      • Property Unoccupied whilst being refurbished

      • Property being renovated. (Including structural)

    • Full cover or LIMITED cover available (Limited cover only for property being renovated)

  • Portfolio Insurance for owners of 5 or more properties. Simple underwriting. Quotes for portfolio insurance are available here.

Key benefits

  • Accidental damage available for all classifications (other than property undergoing structural renovation)

  • Low standard Excess : (75.00). Options to increase excess to 150 or 250. (An increased excess applies for escape of water (150, rising to 250 for unoccupied property or if a 250 excess is chosen) and subsidence related claims (1,000))

  • No minimum premiums (policyholders must ensure though that they insure for the correct sums. If unsure, a guide for rebuilding costs of property is available to assure)

  • Comprehensive landlords legal expenses policy available for landlords.

  • Online submission available if 'refer' with free format to allow prospective policyholders to 'plead their case' if exceptional circumstances or if effective risk management procedures have been implemented after claims.

  • No automatic exclusion of flood or subsidence postcodes - on referral

Product Enhancement

  • On 13th February 2013 our cheap rates have got even cheaper with discounts on buildings cover of up to 35% and on contents cover up to 30%. More details are available here.

 All: Policy Wording | Policy Summary (Pre Apr 2016). Home Insurance ( Policy Wording | Key Facts Post April 2016)


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Landlords Insurance
(Including Holiday Homes)

Unoccupied Property

House Insurance

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Landlord Portfolio Insurance Static Caravan Insurance Click for your quote for landlord insurance House Insurance

(Bedroom Rated)

    Park Home Insurance  

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About the Underwriter

The policy is underwritten by SAGIC (The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Ltd) which is a 'captive' insurance company of the Salvation Army since 1909. Profits earned by SAGIC are returned to the Salvation Army so you can rest assured that not only you are obtaining a great policy from an ethical insurance company, but that you are helping contribute to the welfare of the needy members of our society.

(The legal expenses section/ policy is underwritten by DAS)