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Unoccupied Property insurance

Difficulties in obtaining unoccupied property insurance

We recommmend you use our 'call-back' option so we can discuss your needs for unoccupied insurance: our expertise will help you overcome any difficulties you may have arranging cover. Select the appropriate option from the 'Houses' menu above.

Unoccupied property insurance is not as easy to obtain as a normal house insurance policy. 

  • Direct companies do not like offering insurance for unoccupied properties because they perceive the risk to be substantially greater.
  • The unoccupied property may be let in the future on a commercial basis. Many house insurance companies do not wish to cover unoccupied properties let out and so will not cover them. Nevertheless it is worth contacting your current house insurance provider to see if they will provide cover if your main property is with them.
  • Insurance premiums are relatively high as there are greater risks attached to unoccupied property that is empty
    • As the property is unoccupied, there is not usually someone in so if damage does occur  to the property then it may not be spotted for some time and additional damage may occur.
    • Unoccupied property is often vandalised - bricks thrown through windows, burning rags pushed through the letter-box. This affects the insurance premiums.
    • Squatters may move into the property.

This is where an insurance broker comes in play. B Portwood & Co Ltd are an insurance broker specialising in the property insurance market and as such have researched various insurance schemes that are suitable for insuring unoccupied property. We have recently launched our own policy that is more flexible than others in that we can cover the property no matter the reason why it is up for sale, can include property being renovated and, since the same policy wording is used, simply convert the cover to a landlord insurance policy or property owners policy depending on whether the property is to be let out or the new owner move in.

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Unoccupied Property Insurance

We can also quote for unoccupied property insurance as well as residential let insurance. Immediate cover is available online for unoccupied property insurance.

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You can compare landlord insurance quotes on our home page. Landlord insurance covers  property let to residents of different types. Options include accidental damage to buildings and contents as well as voluntary excesses.

B. Portwood & Co also offer cover on other types of property insurance: e.g. landlords buildings insurance

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