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Single Trip Travel Insurance - over 75

B Portwood & Co are specialists in single trip insurance over 75 (in fact we have insured people more than 20 years older!). Unlike many online companies we compare many over 75 travel insurance policies and can find a great deal including such features as winter sports cover.

Please note that our specialist over 75 travel insurance policy (Redwood) is currently unavailable. Either obtain an over 75 travel insurance quote online or, peferably, contact us on 01207 509446 to obtain free advice and a quote from a wider range of policies.

What we offer for single trip travel insurance for the over 75

  • Maximum length of a single trip: 365 days (up to 85) and 93 days if older

  • Annual travel insurance - 93 days a trip to age 74 and 31 days if older

  • Medical screening of existing conditions to ensure you can be covered (a range of travel insurance policies gives us great flexibility in these matters)

  • A Unique travel insurance policy (Redwood), not available elsewhere.

We recommend you use our over 75 travel insurance compare prices system as it incorporates the Redwood scheme and, if it isn't suitable, compares our other contracts - immediate purchase is possible. Further information is available on many other travel insurance contracts including annual travel insurance over 75, over 75 annual travel insurance, over 80 travel insurance

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If you want advice on travel insurance or a personal recommendation, we recommend you call us on  01207 509446 .