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Travel Insurance for the Over 65 and over 75 (no age limit)

If you are over 75, need travel insurance, with existing medical conditions or otherwise, we suggest our alternative quotation system, that can quote for any length of trip (including long stays 1 month - 12 months), to virtually any country (inc USA/ Australia). Online medical screening means that cover can be purchased immediately. Annual travel insurance to age 84 available.

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(NB on occasion you may be automatically directed to one of our partner websites. This only happens when a) our algorithm suggests this will be the cheapest option and b) we cannot provide a quote for the partner website  on our own quotation system.) This will currently happen for: long stays for the over 85, annual travel insurance for the over 75, single trip travel insurance for 75 - 90 days for the 76 - 85, non uk residents. Expensive cruises.)

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Further Travel Insurance Information

Travel Insurance for over 75 traveling to Europe, USA, Australia etc. Single trips insured for over 75 up to 365 days for any age and annual travel insurance. over 75 can purchase Winter sports travel insurance to cover ski holidays and long stay travel insurance for backpackers as well as elderly.

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Travel Insurance over 75

Travel insurance for the over 75 is a specialised market with many companies not offering insurance cover, only offering limited lengths of travel, imposing higher policy excesses, restricting activities etc. B. Portwood provide cheap travel insurance for the over 75 especially those with pre-existing medical conditions.

As insurance brokers, B Portwood & Co Ltd specialise in providing cheap travel insurance for all ages including the elderly e.g. oaps, those over 75 and including the over 75. There is no upper age limit on some of the travel insurance policies we offer but annual travel insurance is restricted to those 85 or under.

There are various classifications of travel insurance and below we discuss how insurance is affected when the traveller(s) are over 75. Information is provided on long stay travel insurance, annual travel insurance as well a single trips and a discussion of rating factors, policy cover and medical conditions affecting the over 75. 

Long Stay travel insurance

Whilst most holidays last a couple of weeks or just over, there is a demand for travel insurance to cover long stays of up to a year (or in some cases even longer). For policyholders over 75, many companies cease offering insurance for periods over 31 days, although single trip cover is offered for trips not over 93 days at younger ages. In addition there are specialised backpacker travel insurance policies aimed at providing limited cover for students and VSO worker below certain ages (typically 35) for periods over 90 days (up to a year or 18 months).

Long stay travel insurance policies typically offer lower levels of cover for cancellation (as the traveller aged over 75 is unlikely to be residing in a single hotel accommodation over the duration of the trip but, on the contrary, will be moving around in the countries visited or sojourning with relatives.) However in some cases travel insurance with high levels of cancellation cover may be required e.g. long cruises are very expensive.

Favourite places for the over 75 to spend long stays are Australia, Canada, America - countries with a strong English bias wither relatives have emigrated and there is a desire to see grandchildren. Since accommodation is usually free the actual cost of the journey is simply the air fares and, since the traveller is now over the retirement age (a pensioner) there is great flexibility in selecting appropriate dates for travel.

Nevertheless travel insurance is recommended for an extended stay abroad since a long stay increases the possibility of an elderly traveller suffering either from complications of existing medical conditions, or the onset of new ones. Especially in America (under the new Affordable care Act) medical costs are expensive and so the cover for long stays abroad can be expensive (premiums over 1,000 are not unusual for long stays). B. Portwood offers cheap long stay travel insurance for the over 75 over periods up to 12 months (worldwide) although an affiliate provider is used to cover those aged over 85.

Annual Travel insurance over 75 - up to 90 days a trip

Multi Trip Travellers over 75 can benefit from annual travel insurance not over 90 days a trip. Annual travel insurance, providing cheap comprehensive cover is available for holiday insurance including the over 65 with or without medical conditions. Family cover is also available.

Typically, for annual travel insurance the maximum cut-off age for the elderly is 65 and very few online companies offer premiums once the policyholder is a senior citizen over 80, still less if over 85. Annual travel insurance covers any number of trips, with the proviso that the maximum length does not exceed a specific period. This is usually 31 days although the Redwood Travel Insurance offer cover of 31, 45, 60 or 93 days up to 74. Normally including some winter sports, however these are usually removed for the elderly. There are typically 3 specific regions: Europe (which may extend to cover some non-european countries with a Mediterranean coastline ), Worldwide excluding USA (Usually also excludes Canada and the Caribbean) - which includes journeys to such countries as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc, and Worldwide travel (including USA).

Since annual travel insurance policies, even for the over 75, last for 12 months (and may be renewable), underwriters have to allow for possible changes in medical conditions over the year and overall health as the traveller enters their golden years. Hence the high premiums. Insurance underwriters also should be advised of changes in medical conditions if so requested under the policy wording (see below for problems this causes).

It is expedient the over 75 should research the insurance costs of single trips when considering the options. Unless many long holidays are being planned, in many cases several single trip travel insurance policies may be more economical over all for the senior citizen. This is probably true should only one trip outside Europe be anticipated as Worldwide extensions are expensive.

Obtain a quote for cheap annual holiday travel insurance special rates for over 75, 70 and 75 Our cheap online annual holiday travel insurance quote system will quote a range of travel insurance companies. UK or EU residents can buy online. Help is provided for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions or even a terminal prognosis (provided return is 6 months or more). Click on the quote button for an immediate quotation and buy online.
Obtain a quote for cheap annual holiday travel insurance special rates for over 75, 70 and 75 Cheap multi trip travel insurance for the over 75. Competitive rates and a wide range of options. Up to 90 days a trip. Medical conditions can be covered.
Obtain a quote for cheap annual holiday travel insurance special rates for over 75, 70 and 75 Cheap multi trip travel insurance for the over 75. Maximum age limit is 85 with up to 90 days cover a trip. Medical conditions can be covered with online medical self- screening.
Obtain a quote for cheap annual holiday travel insurance special rates for over 75, 70 and 75 Cheap multi trip travel insurance for the under 50. Three levels of cover, three maximum length options. Cheap premiums with large discounts for removing lugage and cancellation cover. We recommend removing the excess as it won't cost much. Includes winter sports. Existing medical conditions can be covered. Other options include natural disaster and golf cover.

Major rating factors for travel insurance: countries visited. Why Israel or Egypt could be in Europe but Spain and Portugal not!

The major factor in travel insurance, especially for the over 75, is the country or region which is to be visited. Although traditionally travel insurance demarcates into four main regions, underwriting is now splitting these up over more and more areas- indeed one insurance company offers different rates for each country in Europe. Some notes follow:

Cruise Insurance

Cruise insurance for the over 75 with additional benefits specifically covering high-cost cancellation risks are available. Cruise insurance can cover Mediterranean as well as Caribbean holidays. We recommend that an insurance policy with a high cancellation cover is taken, if needed. Cancellation cover up to 10,000 is available online and on referral we can increase the total amount e.g. over 20,000, if needed- the sum insured is per person, not the total of the holiday.

As, by the nature, cruises visit different countries, insurance calculation is often based on different criteria e.g. the value of the cruise. Most policies are, in fact suitable for insuring cruises providing the correct area is selected - this may mean that, for a Mediterranean Cruise, worldwide cover has to be selected if the ship is docking in the South Mediterranean or Middle East, however there are some insurance companies e.g. Redwood which rate the whole of the Mediterranean the same.

Ski and Winter sports travel insurance

Active travellers over 75 need suitable ski insurance.  Over 50 types of ski ing are noted. Winter sports travel insurance is available. A plethora of providers are unwilling to consider extending insurance to cover winter sports. Nevertheless such activities as ski-ing, snow-boarding, sledging may be considered. Some insurance providers regard the elderly (over 75) as being substantially more careful when traversing the slopes (whether nursery, black or intermediate) and are willing to afford protection, albeit typically with a 100% premium load.

Note that sometimes the travel insurance quotation system will automatically redirect to a third-party website. The reason is that in some specialist situations, one product is noticeably more suitable in terms of price and cover than any other or, indeed, may be the sole one quoting.

Medical Travel Insurance

Since the over 75 tend to have pre existing medical conditions, how travel insurance handles the over 75 is of paramount importance. Cheap rates may be available.

Unless the medical condition is listed as being covered under the insurance policy wording, it very likely will not be covered. Since the cost of treating medical conditions is very high it behooves the traveller to  ensure that they are covered. There are usually three options:

  1. The policy has no facility to cover existing medical conditions. This is usually to keep costs down, nevertheless we do not recommend that elderly people with medical conditions take these policies, no matter the premium saving. The cost of obtaining medical treatment will be much more than any putative saving in premium. Still less do we recommend the over 75 with medical conditions should arrange travel insurance and not declare the said conditions.
  2. The policy has a contact number to discuss and, if necessary pay for, the cover of the medical conditions. On contacting the number, the traveller will be asked questions relating to the condition(s) by an experienced operator who will then advise them of the terms required by the insurer to cover them. These are usually either an increased excess for the condition(s), the insurance company may impose a  higher premium, or declineature. Since we are insurance brokers we have access to several travel insurance schemes that can cover all sorts of medical conditions and it is probable that if one insurance company's terms and conditions are unacceptable, another travel insurer we use will offer better terms. Again we do not recommend travelling without obtaining cover for the medical conditions. (Note that usually the insurance premium quoted by a medical screening line is JUST for the medical conditions - the full policy will still have to be purchased.)
  3. The policy links into medical screening software that asks a series of questions about the medical conditions disclosed (and often asks about related conditions just in case). Provided the traveller knows all the information they can obtain terms and conditions online, with a final insurance premium and, providing that all the information is correct, can travel knowing that they are covered under the insurance policy.

Changes in Medical Conditions

Travel insurance can be unfair should medical conditions change. It can happen that the traveller - especially the elderly over 75 - will suffer the onset or deterioration of their medical conditions after arranging the policy but before travelling. If the change is such as to force the over 75 traveller to cancel the trip then there is no problem with regard to the insurance - it will pay the cancellation costs. But what happens if the traveller is still fit to travel and therefore needs insurance?

The key factor is to read the travel insurance policy and, if in doubt, contact the insurer before purchase as insurers vary. However many insurance companies will insist that any change in medical condition is brought to their notice as soon as it occurs so they can offer revised terms with regards to the trip as the chance of an insurance claim following cancellation or needing medical treatment whilst on holiday has increased. In the worst scenario the over 75 traveller can be left in the position of not being able to cancel the trip (as they are fit to travel) but are unable to obtain insurance for the new medical conditions (or at least only able to do so at a much higher premium!). Although the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has ruled on some of these cases, policy wordings do not seem to have changed. Until insurers accept this occurs and treat customers fairly by regarding possible changes in medical conditions as part of the initial underwriting then, if this does happen to one of our customers we will do our best to obtain the insurance needed for them. (If this attitude does change it will increase travel insurance premiums slightly.)


Travel insurance is a complicated product, with more sections of cover, exclusions and limitations than any other form of insurance purchased on a personal basis. The cheap insurance premiums at the young end of the market frequently hide terms and conditions that substantially reduce the amount to be paid out should a claim arise on the insurance policy whilst for the elderly over 75, speaking to a broker may help them navigate the difficulties in obtaining insurance cover (in NO circumstances should someone wanting travel insurance ask for a third party - whether family, friend or whatever to arrange insurance unless they fully trust them, can provide all the details required and observe the answers to all the questions requested from them by the insurance company.) 

However the over 75 can enjoy travelling and that travel insurance, even for the elderly, is usually affordable and necessary.

Annual Travel Insurance

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