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Compare Travel Insurance - annual, single, ski, winter sports, over 75, long stay and backpacker policies.


At Portwood's we enable you to compare travel insurance. We offer a full range of cheap travel insurance options. We also quote for a wide variety of travel insurance needs - for instance, as well as normal single trip holiday insurance (UK, Europe or Worldwide), our travel insurance comparison quote system can quote for : annual travel insurance, multi trip travel insurance, ski and winter sports travel insurance, long stay travel insurance, gap year travel insurance for backpackers, winter sports and people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Also if you are over 65, , over 75 or over 80 and need travel insurance we can help. Insuring the elderly for travel insurance is our speciality as we do not have a 'cut-off' age. We can also quote for people with pre-existing medical conditions. | Single trip travel insurance

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Information about travel insurance.

Compare Annual Travel Insurance

Traveling frequently? Annual travel insurance covers multi trips during a 12-month period. Usually the length of the trip is limited to a short period - 21, 30 or 31 days but we can quote for up to 90 days a trip. If you need it, annual travel insurance can be extended to cover winter sports such as ski-ing. We find that in some cases annual travel insurance can be cheaper - especially if a family is traveling or the length of the trip is 3 - 4 weeks or longer than a one-off travel insurance policy.

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Compare Cheap Travel Insurance

There is no doubt that cheap travel insurance is more available than ever before. The arrival of the internet means that travel agents no longer have a near monopoly and as more and more firms offer travel insurance, the price has come down (especially as aggregator websites sort products on price not cover, everyone is looking for the cheapest travel insurance). It should be remembered, however, that a cheap travel insurance policy may not provide as wide a cover as you may expect. Savings in price may be at the expense of a higher excess (100 or 200), lower sums insured for personal possessions/ baggage or even medical expenses and, in the worst case, haggling over legitimate claims. As Insurance Brokers we will act on your behalf if you take out a policy, and if you make a claim. We offer a range of single trip and annual policies through our quotation system so you can compare the travel insurance that we offer. If in doubt you can contact us to help you decide if you want a better policy or if the cheapest travel insurance we offer is best.

Winter Sports (Ski) Travel Insurance

Winter sports travel insurance will cover you whilst partaking ski ing or similar activities. Whilst you can select the 'winter sports' option on our travel insurance quotation system, you should check if the winter sports you intend to participate in are covered - examples are 'off-piste' ski-ing (with/ without guide) tobaggoning, ice hockey etc. A winter sports travel insurance policy will also cover ski equipment (your own or hired in) loss of ski pass and should also include inaccessibility due to avalanche or if there is no snow. There are often age limits as well, but we can quote for virtually any age whether you go Europe or Worldwide (including USA/ Canada). Due to the increased chance of injury ski ing (and the liability aspect) premiums for winter sports travel insurance are usually twice as much as a standard travel insurance policy.

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Compare Long Stay Travel Insurance

Long Stay travel insurance is suitable for people taking extended trips abroad. The main comparison between a long stay travel insurance and travel insurance is that many of the benefits are reduced. A travel insurance policy covering a short period will include cover for cancellation that may involve a package or hotel costs. People going away for a long time, however do not as a rule book into hotels, so their accommodation costs are much less. Unlike a short period travel insurance (usually covering up to 3 months) a long stay travel insurance is rated on the number of months away.

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Gap Year Travel Insurance for Students

Gap year travel insurance is similar to long stay travel insurance. However the main difference is that the cover under a gap year travel insurance is cut to the bone - other than medical expenses, personal liability and cover for loss of passport, there is very little cover. Companies providing gap year travel insurance realise that the people buying the cover are students or backpackers which means that a) they are young, fit and healthy b) they are impoverished and c) they require little cover other than the basics. An additional feature is that hazardous activities (bungee jumping, zorbing, work abroad etc) are often covered (winter sports may be extra) either as standard or as a cheap extra under a gap year travel insurance policy.

Returning Home

If you do buy a long stay or gap year travel insurance, you should note that it usually covers one trip. The policy expires when you return to the UK. This means that in general you can't buy such a policy if making several long trips e.g. studying abroad in the USA and coming home after each. However we may be able to help - please call us and we can discuss matters.

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over 75? Travel Insurance for the elderly

If you are over 75 many companies won't offer travel insurance. B Portwood, however, let you compare travel insurance for people over 75, , over 75, over 80 or even over 85. We can also offer annual travel insurance for the over 65, , over 75 or over 80 (up to 85).We are agents for several companies who offer travel insurance for people over the retiring age. When you become a senior citizen, however, travel insurance does become more expensive as you are more likely to have pre-existing medical conditions. We thus provide you with medical screening options to help you obtain the cover you need for your travel insurance.

Information about cheap travel insurance for the over 65, 70, 75 or 80

Travelers over 75 but 85 or younger, with our without medical conditions can find cheap travel insurance through our Redwood product

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How pre-existing medical conditions affect travel insurance

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, this may affect the travel insurance. Pre-existing conditions are usually excluded unless you call the travel insurance company and are screened. We do, however, have some insurance companies who will cover pre-existing medical conditions provided you can agree a health declaration. You should also note that it is a requirement that pre-existing conditions of everyone who will travel and whose illness may affect your trip should be disclosed. We always recommend that a unique policy be taken out to cover those who do have pre-existing medical conditions as well as those who don't, to ensure that everyone is covered. Finally you should note that even people who are not travelling should be declared if it is possible that your trip may be cut short should their pre-existing medical condition deteriorate.

Travel insurance companies treat people with pre-existing medical conditions differently. Some will charge an additional premium to cover the condition, others will impose an excess and still others will exclude the condition completely- if you leave Europe and go Worldwide the cost will vary, the USA/ Canada unsurprisingly the worst. As we are insurance brokers we cannot recommend that you travel unless your pre-existing medical conditions are covered. When you do obtain your quote for travel insurance use the telephone numbers provided to get a screening for your condition - and if you have no success, just try the next travel insurance company on the list.

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Hazardous Activities

If you intend doing any hazardous activities e.g. extreme ski ing or similar winter sports, check that the travel insurance that you select covers it. Insurance companies define different activities as hazardous although many will cover dangerous pursuits on a single trip for an additional premium. Insurance for backpackers often includes many hazardous activities.

Supplier Failure Cover

You should check if supplier failure (airline failure) cover is included in the policy when doing a comparison. Supplier Failure Cover will pay a benefit if the airline (or any other carrier) is unable to deliver you to your destination or back home due to bankruptcy. Some of our policies provide supplier failure in respect of airlines automatically. If you buy a package deal (including accommodation) then your travel agent should be covered against supplier failure (check if not sure) but if you arrange a holiday piecemeal then you probably won't be covered against supplier failure.

Examples of the cover that travel insurance may provide

Our home page is about landlords insurance but if you want any help please call us on 01207 509446. We are always willing to advise you on the options available and the cover provided and help you compare our travel insurance.

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