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How to compare static caravan insurance

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We recommend that you request us to call back to discuss your static caravan insurance needs.

We have several schemes available for static caravan insurance. To ensure we offer the most appropriate one, we suggest you request a free call back. To do so just select the appropriate option in the 'Other Personal' drop-down menu above. We look forward to hearing from you.

Although, naturally, price is a major consideration when comparing static caravan insurance policies available in today's congested market in the UK, it is not the only factor that the discerning static caravan owner should take into account arranging insurance.

First of all a caveat. When entering data for the purposes of obtaining an insurance quotation for your static caravan, an appropriate sum insured for the caravan must be considered. Since insurance policies may be on a reinstatement basis i.e. replacing the caravan with a new model, it behoves the caravan owner to enter a value sufficient to cover the replacement cost of a caravan today. Incorporated into this sum insured should be adequate provision for removal of the destroyed caravan, incorporating re-siting costs and the installation of services (plumbing, electricity etc) on-site.

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The insurance policy cover is the other main consideration to be compared in selecting appropriate caravan insurance. The obvious factor is: the excess on the caravan policy. Since an excess reduces the amount paid in the event of a claim, the caravan owner should decide the amount for which they are prepared to accept responsibility. Caravan Insurance policies incorporating a higher excess can be dismissed. Price differences can be rationalised based on different excesses ensuring the best 'value for money' contract can be purchased.

Some insurance policies, instead of an excess, apply a different form of restriction. Known as a 'franchise', this exclusion means that claims for loss or damage lower than a certain amount won't be considered at all BUT claims exceeding the limit will be paid without deduction. The amount usually exceeds an excess, however in the eventuality of a substantial claim, the policyholder won't be asked to contribute.

Other factors appear to be of less importance for caravan insurance. Unless specifically requested by the caravan site-owner, a liability sum insured of 1,00,000 is of no lesser benefit than one of 2,000,000. Very few, if any, liability claims have yet exceeded 1,000,000. A caravan insurance policy therefore only needs 1,000,000 cover.. Similarly maximum costs for emergency accommodation or the extent of legal expenses insurance carry very little weight.

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We hope you find our static caravan insurance system helpful to compare caravan insurance rates and, in the UK, get a cheap caravan insurance quote. We also offer cheap quotes for touring caravans and offer excellent service. 

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