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Landlord Insurance for commercial property

This quotation is suitable for owners of shops, offices, single and multi-tenured commercial property, including unoccupied commercial property, hotels and guest houses, who let the property to other businesses. Liability cover is limited to property owner's liability. Full cover for commercial combined insurance is available for businesses owning or letting their premises - in this case public and employers liability insurance and the usual additional covers are available - please contact us for details.

Postcode of property Irrelevant. Only needed if terrorism cover is wanted.

Additional Information

Type of Property
Percentage Non- Standard  
Is Subsidence cover wanted (+5%)  
Buildings Sum Insured (maximum 3,000,000)
Contents Sum Insured (maximum 150,000)
Alarm system?
Accidental damage? (Increases buildings premium by 5% and contents premium by 40%)
Years no claims?
Property Owners Liability. (See notes for costs)  
Legal Expenses Available on request - premium subject to turnover/ cover needed