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Amend Refer Terms

This page allows the user (in possession of the password) to quote (or amend) terms for a risk. The options are:

  1. Increase the premium - to do so change the premium load (1.25 = increase by 25%, 2.00 = increase by 100% etc)

  2. Increase the excess for sections 1,2,3,6,7 by an amount e.g. 50 = increase a 75 excess to 125

  3. Impose an excess on a specific peril e.g. to impose a 2500 flood excess enter 2500 and then 'caused by flood'

  4. Decline

  5. If the proposal is acceptable at normal terms then just click the 'Amend terms Button'

Quote Number Referred
Premium load required:
Specific Endorsement Applied 
Additional Excess 1,2,3,6,7
Specific Excess
If referred for flood - Included/Excluded
If referred for flood - How many properties (1 for single)
Excess applicable to flood claims
If referred for subsidence - Included/ Excluded
Excess applicable to subsidence claims
'applies for loss or damage'
Buildings Perils Excluded 
Contents Perils Excluded 
Reason For declinature

Once this has been done, the quote is saved under the quotes folder if accepted or left (untouched) in the refer folder if declined.