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Travel insurance for people over 75
rates for annual travel insurance over 75s

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We offer travel insurance for people over 75.

When you are over 75 you may find travel insurance hard to obtain. Your search is over as we specialise in travel insurance for the elderly over 75. In fact there is no upper age limit so it does not matter if you are over 80 or even over 85 - we can still provide you with travel insurance.

You can click here for our travel insurance for over 75 quotes - and buy online

As we are travel insurance brokers we offer several quotes for the over 75. You may decide to buy your travel insurance directly from our quotation engine - in which case it is a non-advised sale and you are responsible for checking that the cover meets your needs. Alternatively you may contact us and we will make a recommendation as to which travel insurance is most suitable for you when aged over 75.

rates for annual travel insurance over 75

If you don't need advice you may Obtain an online over 75 travel insurance quotation online

Please note that you must be healthy and fit to travel  and to undertake your planned trip. Pre-existing medical conditions or undiagnosed symptoms will NOT be covered unless the insurers accept in writing - please call 01388 607140 if you want to find out if your medical condition can be covered.

Alternatively please feel free to call us on 01388 607140 during normal office hours. Our experienced staff will be only too please to discuss your options and we may be able to arrange immediate cover for your over 75 travel insurance policy.

annual travel insurance for senior citizens, oaps, pensioners and elderly over 75 - cover and rates

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Specialised travel insurance needs.

over 75?

Even if you are over 75 we can meet your travel insurance needs for to 365 days away or 93 days a trip for annual travel insurance. So if you are over 75 more information about our travel insurance for the over 75 policies, terms and conditions, including cover for medical conditions. Quotes are available for over 75 travel insurance online - but we recommend calling us on 01388 607140 as a wider range of options are available and you can take advantage of our expertise.


When travel insurance is still available for up to 365 days for a single trip, winter sports, or annual travel insurance for 93 days a trip. Further information about travel insurance is available with instant quotes and buy online.

Over 75?

Still no problem - the over 75 can still obtain long stay travel insurance for a year and winter sports covers. It doesn't matter if going to the USA, Worldwide or just Europe and medical conditions can be covered. You can obtain an over 75 travel insurance quote through our online quotation system and buy online.

Over 80?

Our unique Redwood travel insurance is suitable for travelers over 80 with online screening for medical conditions, with single trips for 366 days available. More information on over 80 travel insurance is available though our dedicated page.

Winter Sports

Winter sports cover for travel insurance is available up to 85. Information about winter sports travel insurance is available including various activities, with cheap premiums, especially for the USA and Canada.


Cheap backpacker travel insurance is available. Cover is more limited but backpacker travel insurance can be exceedingly cheap especially with a large excess.

Information about cheap travel insurance for the over 75, 70, 75 or 80

Travelers over 75 but 85 or younger, with our without medical conditions can find cheap travel insurance through our Redwood product