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Standard Qualifications (call us if they can't be met)
We are unable to quote on this scheme for the following:

If your occupation is one of the following:

  1. Amusement arcade owners / workers
  2. Bookmakers and turf accountants
  3. Casino and gaming establishments staff
  4. Circus and fairground owners / workers
  5. Debt collectors
  6. Fashion and photographic models
  7. Foreign forces personnel
  8. Itinerant traders and travellers
  9. Money lenders and pawnbrokers
  10. Professional sports persons
  11. Proprietors / employees of bars and night-clubs
  12. Scrap / general dealers and merchants
  13. Show business personnel

If the property

  1. Is situated outside Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man
  2. Is not in a good state of repair
  3. Is showing signs of damage
  4. Is let for a period of less than six months (agreement with tenant or organisation in control of tenants)
  5. If occupied by asylum seekers - is not let to G4S or Local/ National Government
  6. Is a home converted into 5 or more flats or a flat therein (unless contents only cover is required). Purpose-built flats canbe covered for buildings and/ or contents, whether a single flat in a block or the whole block of flats needs covering.
If buildings cover is not required - unless the property is a single flat or maisonette in a block that has cover arranged independently.
We can possibly quote...
We may be able to quote on this scheme - please complete the form. In many cases you will be able to 'plead your case' if there are mitigating circumstances or substantial changes have been made to improve the risk.
  1. You have had previous insurance declined, cancelled or had special terms imposed by an insurer.
  2. You (or any member of your family residing with you) has
    1. been convicted or charged with or received a caution for any criminal offence other than motoring offences
    2. any unsatisfied County Court Judgement
    3. been made bankrupt
  3. You have suffered (whether covered by insurance or not) on the property to be insured
    1. Any losses in respect of subsidence, landslip or heave
    2. Any loss in respect of flood
    3. Any loss over 5,000 in the last three years
    4. Two or more losses in the last twelve months
    5. Three or more losses in the last three years
    6. Any liability claim
  4. Where you have held previous insurance that has expired more than 30 days prior to commencement of cover
  5. The building is
    1. not built of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with slates or tiles (flat roofs of bitumen/ felt are acceptable)
    2. built before 1700 and/ or is a listed building
    3. used for business purposes - commercial insurance is available
    4. communicating with or forms part of a business premises
    5. in an area specially exposed to storm
    6. in an area specially exposed to flood
    7. in an area specially exposed to subsidence or landslip
    8. a mobile or leisure home where it is not your main residence

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