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Landlord insurance in Croydon

Croydon comprises the postcodes  BR3, CR0, CR2, CR3,CR4,CR5, CR6, CR7, CR8, CR9, SE19, SE25, SE26 and SW16 - all of which are acceptable for landlord insurance. Below are some examples of the cheap landlord insurance available. Use the quotation form to obtain your own bespoke quote and, if acceptable, buy online with immediate cover. (All quotes  tabulated assume 3 years no claims bonus, a total policy excess of 250.00 and a flat roof < 25% of surface area). The sums insured are rebuilding costs, not market value.

Postcode Building Sum Insured AD? Contents Sum Insured AD? Tenant Premium
CR0 260,000 Yes 15,000 Yes Standard 283.47
CR3 310,000 Yes 20,000 Yes Standard 233.66
CR6 360,000 Yes 5,000 Yes DSS 327.91
CR9 410,000 Yes 7,500 Yes DSS 336.21
SE25 460,000 Yes 20,000 Yes Standard 456.55
SW16 510,000 Yes 30,000 Yes  Standard 453.34
  • Standard = Tenancy agreement with tenant (who may be employed, unemployed, retired) and whose rent may be subsidized by a third party.

  • DSS = Tenancy agreement with Borough or Housing Association, who have control of who lives in home.

  • Students = property let to multiple students

  • Asylum Seekers = as DSS but agreement with Borough that asylum seekers may live in the home

  • Professional Bedsits = multiple lets but tenancy agreement with all tenants

  • Bedsits = multiple lets and Borough can decide who lives in the property.

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This policy is also suitable for your own home as well as unoccupied property.

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