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Backpacker Travel Insurance 

Specialists in backpacker travel insurance, providing best comparisons of leading providers for students gap year or career breaks. Age limit: 45 Long stay travel insurance options available covering the elderly, including over 75s. Current maximum trip length ranges from 18 months for the under 50 to 5 months (Europe) otherwise 3 months (Worldwide including America) for those over 85 - with no upper age limit.

Backpacker travel insurance policies vary. Minimum cover provided includes medical expenses, together with some liability, prospective purchasers should compare maximum benefits, policy excesses and particularly, hazardous or dangerous sporting activities covered in the insurance, especially winter sports.

Travel out of Area

Premiums for backpacker travel insurance depend on countries visited. Traditionally, the world is split into five regions: UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Worldwide Excluding USA and Worldwide Including USA. Travel out of area need not result with insurance rated on higher regions. Many insurance contracts permit visiting higher-rated countries on an occasional basis, providing the period isn't too long. Obvious example is flight to Australia requiring stop-over in Singapore, Bali or other Indonesian Country.

Examples of reduced cover

Backpacker travel insurance is stripped to the bone. To produce competitive, cheap, rates insurers have removed benefits usually found on long stay travel insurance policies and reduced the maximum benefits on others. For example: treatment costs may be reduced from 5,000,000 to 1,000,000 or luggage lowered to 250 from 1,500.

Insurance for Hazardous/ dangerous activities

Students having a gap year travelling, by nature, are those interested in participating in sports of a hazardous nature. Travel insurers extend backpacker policies to cover many dangerous activities e.g. bungee jumping, zorbing, canyoning. Ensure the insurance purchased covers intended games and sports: recommended is perusal of a 'key facts' / 'policy summary' if not the actual policy wording itself.

Since many activities may be undertaken on a one-off basis, it is unfair that the total premium for insurance should be affected just for one day! An adventures insurance is available to cover specific high-risk activities and can be arranged separately from the principle insurance.

Return Home Option

Some backpacker travel insurance policies allow the policyholder to return home during the course of the gap year, before parting on a second leg of the trip. The summaries below provide information as to those insurance policies permitting return.

European Area

This varies depending on the travel insurance, but generally Europe = Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegivina, Bulgariam Croatia. Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark (Inc The Faeroes). Also included may be: Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France (Inc Corsica), Georgia, Germany, Gibralter, Greece (Inc The Islands), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland. It extends to Italy (Inc Aeolian islands, Sardinia, Sicily), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg. Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway (Inc Jan Mayen, Svalbard Islands), Poland. Finally Portugal (Including The Azores,  The Madeiras), Romania, Russia (European), San Marino, Serbia/ Montenegro (Including Kosovo), Slovakia, Slovenia. Spain (including The Balearics, Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican City and the UK are included.

Worldwide (EX USA) Area

Insurance covering anywhere in the world other than the USA, Canada, The Caribbean, Mexico. With, some stopping over in the USA etc for a short period en route, yet remain insured.

Travel Insurance to America

Policies are available to cover students studying in America needing insurance. See our America Travel Insurance web page for further information. America is the one region where the traveler may wish considering buying some better gap year policy to cover their medical expenses further.

Australia and New Zealand

On arrival in Australia and New Zealand, it is probably necessary the registration with Medicare is required. Certainly, this will be required upon the first claim for medical treatment in these countries.

Excess on your insurance

The insurance excess is the amount the backpacker may pay towards each insurance claim. Rather than a cheap travel insurance, consider suggest the policy with a low excess. Travel funds may be low. Having to pay the hospital 300 (e.g. in the local currency) will make a large dent. The results page on the system will show  the usual excess for each insurance. Make sure you won't break the bank as well as your leg!

Decide, also, whether medical treatment after a terrorist attack must be insured. If going to the Middle or the Far East in the gap year then there is a much higher risk of a terrorist attack.

Finally in your gap year - we hope you remain healthy and don't need insurance. If there are any pre existing illnesses then check with the travel insurer to ensure that they will be covered. The contact details are provided with each quote to help.

Please call us: we'll answer any queries about any travel insurance schemes. Our staff are only too pleased to advise on the correct policy. The contact number is 01207 509446.


Our range of backpacker travel insurance policies

As brokers, we compare the following backpacker travel insurance schemes on our comparative quotation system (see above). Policies are sorted on cheapness, not policy cover. Purchase can be made online and medical screening processes are highlighted to help those with pre-existing medical conditions.

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