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Travel Insurance : over 75

When you become over 75, travel insurance becomes more expensive. The good news is that we offer cheap travel insurance over 75 for people in the UK at any age. There are some limits, travel insurance on an annual basis is only available up to 84 (31 days a trip). Travel insurance for single trips is available for 12 months up to age 85 and 3 months for the over 85.

As a broker, we have several travel insurance companies that can quote. Our quotation system compares these travel insurance policies and, provides some helpful guidance as to the suitability of each. Naturally each travel insurance contract comes with its own policy summary so you can compare cover and find the best travel insurance to meet your demands and needs.

Our travel insurance for people 65 and over

(Or call us on 01207 509446 as we have more policies available than can be viewed online.)

Are the over 75 and elderly denied cheap insurance?

When you get older, many travel insurance companies do not want to know you. This is especially true for many of the Direct Insurance companies who only want the young not those more than a certain age.

WE can offer travel insurance as we are an insurance broker. We have access to a range of companies and we have gone to great lengths to find the best. (Actually we offer a full range of products so you can obtain quotes for single and annual policies, long stay, winter sports, GAP years or whatever.) If you call us we even offer travel insurance for a cruise.

Premiums depend largely where you want to go. For instance travel to Europe is cheaper than travel to Australia then worldwide travel and the most expensive travel insurance is America and Caribbean

 Insurance cover for Medical Conditions

As you get older e.g. 70, 75, 80 etc and need travel insurance there is an increasing likelihood that you will need insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. Many internet-based travel insurance companies exclude the elderly and all medical conditions - but we differ.

If neither you, nor your relatives, nor anyone traveling with you needing travel insurance, have any medical conditions then there is obviously no problem. Just obtain the insurance quote and buy online. We will send you the full policy / schedule electronically and the schedule the next business day at the latest.

If you have minor medical conditions then we aim to make life easy. Beside each insurance quote is the contact details of the medical screening line appropriate to the policy. All you have to do is to contact them and obtain terms - once you've found the best terms then you can buy the policy.

However many people want to travel who have serious medical conditions. If the nature of the medical conditions are such that you find travel insurance almost impossible to obtain then we can help. When you go to our quotation system, select the <serious medical condition> option and a link will open. This insurance policy will accept 98% of all medical conditions - the main exclusions being a terminal prognosis for less than 6 months, traveling against advice/ to receive treatment. The policy can even cover you if you are wanting treatment.

Click here for travel insurance quotes if you have a terminal prognosis.

(And if you would wish an insurance quote for an impaired life try here)

Sections of a travel insurance policy

A travel insurance policy has many sections: 

Maximum length of trips available on our insurance

If you want to cover only a single trip then we have no effective age limit. (99) (but the premium will be expensive if you are traveling a long time and have medical conditions - unsurprisingly)

If you want an annual trip then we offer cheap travel insurance cover for you up to the age of 85. Again the maximum numbers of days we can cover per trip will be limited - to 31, however the younger person can obtain cover up to 60 days without any problem.

Other Policies

Although you may have been looking at one specific type of policy, you may like to know that we offer a full range of policies to meet the demands and needs of most people in the UK. Examples Include.

  • For cheap motor insurance - including breakdown, warranty and GAP. At renewal all qualifying customers are offered the option of a policy at the same quote with FREE legal expenses cover and free breakdown cover.

  • Home insurance- including pet insurance and caravan. Also available is cover for buy to let or landlords and unoccupied property.

  • Mortgage protection insurance - despite its bad name, this sort of policy is indispensable if you are buying you house through a mortgage. We offer a range of policies, (not suitable for the retired but you may have friends) the most competitive can be found at the mortgage protection site of our website - but please call us if you have any queries.

Duty to disclose Facts under any contract of insurance

Please read this IMPORTANT NOTICE about requirements. We accept no liability for any loss that occurs due to your failure to comply.

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Specialised travel insurance needs.

over 75?

Even if you are over 75 we can meet your travel insurance needs for to 365 days away or 93 days a trip for annual travel insurance. So if you are over 75 more information about our travel insurance for the over 75 policies, terms and conditions, including cover for medical conditions.


When travel insurance is still available for up to 365 days for a single trip, winter sports, or annual travel insurance for 93 days a trip. Further information about travel insurance is available with instant quotes and buy online.

Over 75?

Still no problem - the over 75 can still obtain long stay travel insurance for a year and winter sports covers. It doesn't matter if going to the USA, Worldwide or just Europe and medical conditions can be covered. You can obtain an over 75 travel insurance quote through our online quotation system and buy online.

Over 80?

Our unique Redwood travel insurance is suitable for travelers over 80 with online screening for medical conditions, with single trips for 366 days available. More information on over 80 travel insurance is available though our dedicated page.

Winter Sports

Winter sports cover for travel insurance is available up to 85. Information about winter sports travel insurance is available including various activities, with cheap premiums, especially for the USA and Canada.


Cheap backpacker travel insurance is available. Cover is more limited but backpacker travel insurance can be exceedingly cheap especially with a large excess.

Information about cheap travel insurance for the over 65, 70, 75 or 80

Travelers over 75 but 85 or younger, with our without medical conditions can find cheap travel insurance through our Redwood product

Other policies

landlords | unoccupied property | classic car | landlords of residential property

B. Portwood and Company are insurance brokers so we can advise on a range of cheap policies, long stay, or annual. Please call us on 01207 509446 if you need help. The policies discussed above would probably be suitable to meet the demands and needs of the elderly needing cover on journeys or people with medical conditions.

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