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Travel Insurance and Medical Conditions

We offer travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions.  A wide range of conditions can be covered including both physical and mental conditions - such as depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, Bipolar Disorder etc as well as more common conditions such as raised cholesterol or blood pressure.

Pre existing medical conditions, such as are heart attacks, diabetes, angina, high blood pressure etc affect the price and acceptability of travel insurance. Age is also a dominant factor as the elderly are more likely to have medical conditions and take longer to recuperate should there be a re-occurrence.

General information on medical conditions

The importance of disclosing medical conditions

It is vital that pre-existing medical conditions are disclosed when buying travel medical insurance. It is also important that you check that your travel insurance policy covers your conditions. When you obtain a quote through our travel insurance quotation system you will be provided with contact details of the appropriate screening line - we also offer facilities for you to do the screening yourself and buy cover for all but the most severe conditions.

Travellers with these pre-existing Conditions can be covered on travel insurance

Premiums and acceptability for travel insurance depend on many factors including the severity of the existing conditions, age of travellers and length and destination of the proposed travel.

This is not an exhaustive list of medical conditions. However we have provided quotations for customers suffering from one or (frequently) more of these. Whether an individual can be covered will depend on their particular circumstances.

No matter what medical conditions you may have, our travel insurance policies may cover them on referral, - usually at standard premiums. However our travel insurance underwriters may be unable to cover them. In that case we can offer a travel insurance for your condition provided: a) You do not have a terminal prognosis in six months b) you are not travelling against doctor's advice and c) you are not travelling to obtain treatment for that condition.

To our online Travel Insurance Quotation System 
(medical conditions, over 85, annual, single trip, winter sports etc)

If you want travel insurance to cover medical tourism i.e. going abroad to obtain treatment then click here

If you want medical cover only.

Discounts are available on the travel insurance if cover is not required for luggage or cancellation cover - however we do not advise customers to take out one policy for some benefits and our policy just to cover the medical conditions. It is usually best to have a single policy.

If you want travel insurance for a single person in your party.

Many people are unaware that their own travel insurance policy may not cover additional costs if someone else going with them falls ill! We always recommend travel insurance be arranged to cover all members who are to travel together. Thus the travel insurance company will protect everyone as they know about the condition.

Age limits

A travel insurance policy to cover people with medical conditions for up to 12 months is launched on April 1st 2012. Redwood travel insurance covers single trips for people aged to 85 (and yes 365 days is available for an 85 year old) and annual travel insurance up to 74 (90 days a trip). Quotes are available here although medical screening is required.

Length of trips - long stays

Long stay travel insurance, usually defined as travel for more than 30 days is available though this is for the younger (i.e. under 70) traveller. Cover is usually similar to a normal, single trip, travel insurance policy. However there is a variation: backpacker travel insurance, is suitable for students in their gap year who really only need cover for medical expenses, loss of passport and possibly some luggage cover. The premiums for this are very cheap due to the limited nature of the benefits provided.

Internet policies

Although you are buying this product online, we would like to emphasise that we are a broker and, as such, the policies we offer are substantially better than those you will buy by going through a price comparison website. On those sites you will find policies with excesses over 200 per person per claim (e.g. if you go with a family and all your luggage is stolen then you could find that you have to pay 800 towards the claim - 200 for you, 200 for your wife/ partner and similar amounts for the children. The reduction of cover on these sites gives serious cause for concern as customers won't realise the costs they have to pay themselves until they make a claim. Our excesses, by the way, range from 25 to 100 in most cases and in many cases you can delete them i.e. have no excess at all.

travel insurance quote link Quotes for travel insurance for people with medical conditions.

For more information on travel medical insurance contact B. Portwood & Co Ltd. As insurance brokers have been in business advising customers on the relative merits of medical insurance policies for more than 40 years. We are always willing (if you call us on 01207 509446) to discuss your requirements and find the most suitable cover we can obtain for your needs.