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Our Travel Insurance Quotation System - for any age of traveler

Type of Policy
Single Annual

If you select a 'Single' trip quote then all qualifying annual policies will quote as well.

If you intend doing winter sports on an annual policy check that the total number of days winter sports falls within the policy terms and conditions.

Students should note that many policies will finish on 1st return back to the UK - if you intend to return e.g. for each recess/ break then select this.

Most policies won't cover you if you have already set off or are not coming back.

You can select up to 5 countries. It is vital (if you are going to them) that you include USA/ Canada/ Caribbean and Mexico in your list. Otherwise the quote will be based on the area of the highest rated country.

If you live in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man you don't pay insurance premium tax so some policies are cheaper.

'Terrorism' means - coverage of medical expenses after a terrorist attack. 

Date of Departure / /
Date of Return / /
Do you intend to return part way through the trip and go again?
Have you already left?
No Yes Emigrating
Where are you going to? 

Type of Party
Single Married 2 unrelated Single Parent Family
UK for 6+ months Channel Islands/ Isle Man E.U Other
Policy Benefits
Luggage Business Goods Winter Sports Wedding
Golf Delete Excess Terrorism Cancellation
Ages of Travelers  

Many policies exclude pregnancy if the expected deliver date (EDD) is less than 16 weeks after the expected date of return. We can quote for up to 8 weeks on some schemes.

Existing Medical conditions?
None (or don't want cover) Some Terminal Prognosis

Our policies either have medical screening lines or medical declarations. Contact details are provided on the results page if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Scheme ref  For B. Portwood & Co Ltd use only


Questions you should ask when buying travel insurance. Most of the answers are provided on our quotation results page.

  1. Have I checked that pre-existing medical conditions of all travellers will be covered? In particular if you are buying cover for only one member of a party, will the other travel insurance policies cover additional expenses if that member of the party falls ill?

  2. Are there any close relatives who are NOT travelling whose medical conditions could affect the trip?

  3. Does the travel insurance policy cover medical expenses arising out of terrorist activity?

  4. Does the policy include cover for any dangerous or sporting activities members of the party may undertake?

  5. If winter sports cover is requested: does the policy cover those winter sports I may be undertaking?

  6. What excesses are on the policy especially the standard excess, the liability excess for damage to property and legal expenses excess

  7. If I have any problem during the trip is there a 24 hour medical emergency helpline?

  8. If I have a problem with a claim do I have a professional insurance broker to help me or will I be on my own?

  9. Have I read the policy summary (Key Facts Document) and policy wording and understand the requirements if I have to make a claim - examples could be: notifying police within 24 hours if something is stolen - obtaining permission for medical treatment.

Travel Insurance for the elderly

 We can quote for any age (99) for up to a year  Please use this cheap link for trips over 150 days if you are over 75 or over 120 days if you are over 80.

Many of our cheap travel insurance schemes can cover medical conditions through a screening process. We also have available cheap travel insurance to cover virtually all medical conditions quotes are available for any age (up to 99) for any period (up to a year). The only medical conditions we can't offer are where the doctor has advised against travel or you have a terminal prognosis of less than six months. We can also cover people with medical conditions on waiting lists. If you have serious medical conditions, want cheap cover but cant get screening clearance or are on a waiting list then use this link

Our travel insurance quotation system offers single trip travel insurance quotes for people up to the age of 99 and annual travel insurance quotes for people up to the age of 85. Subject to age, quotes are available for up to 18 months cover. If an online quotation is not provided, we do have other policies available. If you request a single trip policy and you meet the criteria for an annual policy, the annual policy will quote as an option.

Please note that we are not providing any advice. We will ask a few questions to obtain quotations and provide you with sufficient information so you can decide which of the cheap insurance product's) quoting you want. It is up to you to decide on the insurance policy most suitable for your requirements e.g. if scuba diving or bungee jumping are needed and we accept no liability should you buy an insurance policy that does not cover you. We particularly draw your attention to checking whether any medical conditions you have are covered, whether any leisure activities you may partake are covered in the insurance and also to the fact that, if you are not requesting cover for all members of your party, you should check that the insurance covering other members will cover their cancellation/ curtailment following the illness of the person you wish us to cover.

Please note that if you are pregnant and your expected delivery date is close to the return then medical treatment arising out of being pregnant may not be covered. We have provided an option to state how long your pregnancy is expected to last after your expected return.

If you want a cheap advised sale please contact our Consett Office on 01207 509446 Premiums will be more expensive due to the additional time/ costs of giving advice, however we will ensure that any policy we recommend will meet your requirements or, if not, advise you accordingly.

This quotation system is only valid if UK residents (unless stated in policy booklet) who have NOT already set out on a trip (unless advised) and who won't set out on a trip until the next business day at least and be returning to country of origin. With the following exceptions (if the company quotes)

  • Citybond: EU Residents 6 months plus provided trip starts and finishes in home country

  • Citybond: Emigration (one-way trips) minimum premium based on 17 days cover. Cover ceases 24 hours after arrival at destination)

  • COE: Anyone. On referral we can quote people who have already left the country.

  • PJ Hayman - Quotes automatically people who have already left the country.

  • PJ Hayman - Quotes one-way trips: UK residents who are emigrating (max 31 days cover ceases 48 hours after arrival at destination)

  • Please contact us if you want to cover a one-way flight.

NB0: We have defined children as being under 18 in full time education. Some of our insurers increase this age limit to 23 provided they are still in full time education - please call us if this applies to your own family. Please call 01207 509446 if you want a family quote to include students or if you want a quote to include other children (not your own)  Back to info

NB1 The policies that quote will vary in the excess, winter sports and dangerous activities that are covered, the maximum number of days of winter sports available and of course, the maximum benefits under each policy section. Some excesses cannot be deleted. If your trip is not purely pleasure e.g.  business or work (including light manual work such as crop picking/ bar tendering) you should check that the policy allows you to do these activities.

NB2: Hazardous activities: We are able to quote hazardous activities e.g. scuba diving / pot holing, bungee jumping on referral if not listed on the quotation page.

NB3 The fact that a quote is obtained in a specific region does not mean that you are covered in that region if, e.g., you are travelling against government advice. You should check policy conditions and the FCO website.

NB4: If you are concerned about the length of the trip as worked out you should bear in mind that we include the day travelling out AND the day returning. This means  that a week's holiday e.g. Sunday to Sunday is Sunday: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday AND Sunday i.e. 8 days.

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