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Travel insurance in the UK
UK annual travel insurance

We can provide travel insurance while traveling in the UK. This facility is only available for UK residents.

UK, residents can get: cheap: travel insurance: quote and buy online here


The normal criteria is that this must be a pre-booked holiday in the UK encompassing at least two nights.

Do I need Insurance?

Although in the UK, health care is provided 'free' at the point of service, other than medical prescriptions - and thus the reduced premium reflects this, and the cost of cancellation will probably be lower as there are unlikely to be air fares involved, there are potential losses for travelers in the UK that could be insured.

  • Baggage and Personal effects - these could be stolen from a train, from your hotel etc. Please note we recommend that you extend your house insurance policy to cover unspecified all-risks cover, as you will then get new-for-old replacement rather than indemnity cover - which will involve a deduction for wear and tear.

  • Cancellation - you may still have to cancel a trip at short notice due to ill health etc and thus pay the hotel costs

  • Other benefits are normally of minimal value 

Medical, travel insurance

For most the largest claim will be: medical. Travel insurance, despite there being more claims for luggage or baggage, pays out more in medical claims. The policy limits are usually adequate: 5,000,000 is more than the largest claim made. Some people, as a result, just want medical travel insurance - no extra frills. For these we offer discounts of up to 50% on our rates.

If you need help on your travel insurance needs then please call our Consett office on  01207 509446 or, if you get no reply, our Gateshead office on 01207 509446. Of course we would be only too pleased to discuss the cover provided and help you decide if this is the correct cover you need.

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