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Worldwide Annual Travel Insurance

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Quick Guide

When selecting worldwide annual travel insurance the following should be noted.

  1. Unless travelling to the USA/ Canada/ Caribbean, some companies offer slightly cheaper premiums, although generally the options are either "Worldwide" or "Europe"

  2. Make sure that the maximum length of any one trip meets your requirements - you are NOT covered for 31 days of a 32 day trip, for instance, should the policy only provide cover for 31 days.

  3. Most annual travel insurance policies only provide winter sports cover for a certain length of time - typically 18 days, meaning that only one or two winter sports trips will be covered. Frequent winter sports aficionados should ensure that unlimited winter sports are available and that the appropriate winter sports are covered.

  4. Family policies are usually not much more expensive than single person.

  5. Ensure that pre-existing medical conditions are covered. This may be more expensive than a single trip policy as cover extends for a full year and multiple trips. Also check if the insurers require details of any close relative who may be very poor health and whose serious illness or death require cancellation or curtailment of the trip.

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