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Annual travel Insurance USA and worldwide

When requesting quotes for annual travel insurance premiums to include the USA are the highest due to the extra cost of medical care. Our travel insurance quotation system caters for insurance to the USA (any of the 50 states in the USA are covered automatically and we have just launched a new travel insurance policy which is extremely competitive for USA visits.)

Features of new travel insurance policy covering the USA

  • Available for travellers including the over 75 and 70 up to the age of 74 wanting to visit the USA.

  • Trips to the USA can be covered for either 31, 45, 61 or 93 days a trip.

  • Suitable for business travel to the USA - business equipment cover can be included - with many additional features.

  • The policy is suitable for winter sports in the USA as a wide range of activities can be automatically included.

  • Premiums for trips to the USA range from 33.21 (excluding baggage/ cancellation, 100 excess for someone under 50) to 501.70! (93 days a trip, gold cover, age of traveller is 74)

  • Should business cover be required to travel to the USA then a reasonable policy is available for 77.57 (Silver cover - 50 excess including business equipment)

  • Travel dispute cover is an optional extra - this extends the traditional legal expenses section to cover legal disputes with carriers such as airlines, tour operators etc.

Quote for Redwood Travel Insurance including annual USA

Our online quotation system is available. Immediate quotes can be obtained.

Rating Factors affecting annual travel insurance and their impact

  • Age of travellers: Whilst quotes are available for annual travel insurance up to 85 through our quotation system, (74 on the Redwood policy) premiums do increase with age. In particular the common age bands seem to be : (0-49) (40 - 64) (65 - 74) (75 - 80) (81 - 85). Annual travel insurance for the over 75 is very rarely found on price comparison websites and we are therefore pleased to be able to offer this product.

  • Is baggage cover needed? Discounts are available for travelling light - these are usually 10% - 15%. Please remember that the baggage section is not on a 'new for old' basis and has a relatively low single article limits so in many cases it would be best were valuables to be covered under a home insurance policy.

  • Is cancellation cover needed? If cancellation cover is not a requirement then savings of up to 20% can be made - this is usually omitted on single trips booked at short notice rather than annual travel insurance where trips can be, and frequently are, booked months in advance.

  • How long is the maximum trip? Again there seem to be set ranges, although the exact length can vary between policies: 31, 45, 61 and 93 are usual, some cheaper policies provide cover for only 21 days a trip whilst others may have a maximum length of 90 days instead.

  • What excess is wanted (various policies quote with difference excesses and for some the excess can be deleted). Our Redwood policy has three levels of cover with optional discounts for 100, 50 and 25 excesses. When comparing travel insurance online the excess is the important factor. There hasn't been a medical expenses claim exceeding 1,000,00 yet so offering 10,000,000 cover is merely window dressing - sucker bait. Everyone has to pay the excess though.

  • What limits on cover are wanted. (As a range of policies are quoted different benefits are provided). The Redwood bronze contract for instance provides 1,000 cancellation cover and 500 baggage cover whereas the Gold contract provides 10,000 cancellation and 2,500 baggage cover.

  • Location where travelling. This page has information for annual travel insurance including the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. Policies excluding these areas are approximately 10% cheaper whereas those restricting travel to Europe are typically half the price.

Terrorism - is it included

Unlike many on-line insurers, most of our policies will provide medical cover in the event of a terrorist attack. We remind you to check on the FCO website to ensure that up to date information is provided and also that insurers tend to exclude cover if you are travelling against FCO advice.

Advice - available if you call.

If you want advice then please call us on 01207 509446. Our staff are only too pleased to discuss your requirements.

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