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Over 75 annual travel insurance
rates for annual travel insurance over 75s

Options Available

Once you are over 75, there are few companies providing annual travel insurance. As insurance brokers we have four companies that can provide cover up to at least 79 but travel is limited to 30 days per trip and there is no winter sports or ski cover available. The companies are:

(We can quote for people up to 85 - information about over 80 annual travel insurance is available)

Obtain quote for over 75 annual travel insurance

(You can purchase your chosen policy online once you complete any appropriate medical screening)

Medical Conditions

Once you obtain your travel insurance quote, you may have to be screened to see if your medical conditions can be covered. You should note that the cost of covering medical conditions will be substantially more expensive on an annual travel insurance policy - as cover must last for a year, and some companies may insist on a fresh screening before each trip to check your condition hasn't deteriorated.

Annual or Single

Whilst an annual travel insurance policy may be simpler to buy, single trip policies may work out cheaper as we have more travel insurance companies offering single trip travel insurance for the over 75. The cost of covering pre-existing conditions may also be less as cover is only required for each trip. Of course if you intend to travel more than 30 days a single trip policy will be needed in anycase.

If you need more information on over 75 annual travel insurance please feel free to call us on 0844 8262617 during normal office hours. Our experienced staff will be only too please to discuss your options.

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