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Annual family travel insurance

Insurance is available to cover annual family travel. Our annual family travel insurance policies can cover people over 75 - we go up to 85. Our annual family travel insurance policies can cover up to 90 days a holiday, depending on age, with winter sports and other activities available.

For your annual family travel insurance use our annual family travel insurance quotation system. UK residents can obtain cheap quotes and buy online. Our lowest rate for an annual travel insurance for the family is 35.54.

Rating factors

Your family needs for annual travel insurance may vary. To help you decide which travel insurance policy you should consider, here are some of the rating factors we consider. (Our travel insurance policies also offer special quotes for business travel, golf equipment, weddings etc).

  • Maximum length of the trip. If your holidays are only for a short period then a simple travel insurance policy offering 21 days (three weeks) will probably be adequate. Our annual travel insurance policies have options of 21,31,45,60 or 90 days. (In fact in some cases an annual travel insurance policy is cheaper than a single trip.)

  • Countries visited. As a guide, you may need:-

  • Your children. All family travel insurance policies will regard children  as being under 16, but many annual travel insurance policies will cover children up to the age of 23 - provided that they are in full time education. If you have any queries about this please call us. Also you should check if children can travel independently (e.g. school trips) if needed.

  • Winter Sports - and other dangerous activities your family may do. If in doubt if a travel insurance policy covers the activity please call us. Many travel insurance policies will cover winter sports automatically - a few will give a discount if winter sports are not wanted.

  • Health. As travel insurance is mainly a medical insurance policy it is important to ensure that pre-existing medical conditions can be covered. Our travel insurance quotation system provides contact numbers so you can check that your medical conditions can be covered (most minor medical conditions can be - and we can provide quotes to cover virtually any medical condition.


Annual family travel insurance to America is relatively expensive but it can be cheaper than a single trip. For more information on travel insurance to America see our travel insurance to America page.

Over 65

Annual travel insurance is also available with family discounts for people over 75. See our over 75 annual travel insurance web page for further information on how we can help travellers over 75 both on single and annual travel insurance over 75

If you want more information about our annual family travel insurance then please call us on 01207 509446

You can return to our annual travel insurance page but we offer a full range of travel insurance - for instance cheap travel insurance is available at our cheap Travel Insurance page . As mentioned above even for the over 75 we can offer long stay travel insurance - see Long Stay Travel Insurance and for students or backpackers wanting travel insurance a cheap  Backpacker Travel Insurance policy is also available. All our quotes are available through our Travel Insurance quotation system if so desired.

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As well as annual family travel insurance we offer buy to let insurance - see our buy to let insurance page as well as landlords insurance and many other contracts.