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Annual travel insurance online quotes

Our cheap annual travel insurance is available for worldwide, USA, global and European travel for UK residents. We can insure people up to the age of 85 years old. Premiums for annual travel insurance start at 20.90

For cheap annual travel insurance try our Cheap annual travel insurance quotation system - you can buy online.

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Alternatively cheap annual travel insurance is just a click on the quote button.

Rating Factors

The main factors affecting your annual travel insurance are: the age of the travelers, where they are going (Europe is cheaper than Worldwide or USA), how long the maximum trip will be for (we start at 21 days but can offer up to 90 a trip), whether winter sports cover is needed and if cover is needed for just one person, a couple or family. If a family you should check (if you need it) whether independent travel by your children is required, 

The Excess

The main way an annual travel insurance policy saves money is with the excess. Our policies have different excesses from 35.00 to 200.00 and in general the higher the excess the less you pay. You should always consider the excess when buying any insurance policy, as well as the cover. As for how good the company is in paying claims, how can you find that out?

Terrorism cover

You can decide whether to exclude annual travel insurance policies that totally exclude any terrorism cover. Those that do not will usually restrict cover to medical expenses.

Pre-existing conditions

Many pre-existing medical conditions can be covered. Policies show what can/ can't be covered and in most cases details how to access to a medical screening line are provided. In some cases you may have to call us - if so details will be provided.

Sections of a travel insurance policy

Below are examples of the cover that can be provided

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Our main cheap travel insurance page can be found at our cheap travel insurance page. We do offer a full range of travel insurance for instance over 75 travel insurance can be found at our  Single trip travel Insurance for the elderly (over 75, , over 75 or over 80) whereas annual travel insurance over 75 is available at over 75 annual travel insurance. In addition to the elderly we also offer long stay travel insurance - see Long Stay Travel Insurance for people going abroad for a long time and a variation called backpacker travel insurance (Backpacker Travel Insurance) which is more suited to students and people on their gap year.

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About Us

B Portwood & Co Ltd are brokers based in Bishop Auckland, Gateshead and Consett. We have been in business for more than 40 years and trading on the internet for fifteen. Our company ethos is to treat our customers more than fairly and to ensure that their demands and needs are met. More than that our well trained staff are friendly and desirous of helping our customers to ensure that they enjoy doing business with us.

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