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Cheap annual holiday travel insurance for UK residents 
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Cheap annual holiday travel insurance is available online. Premiums depend on whether the cheap annual holiday travel insurance can be restricted to UK, European or Worldwide (USA) cover and also depend on the age of the travelers and if winter sports cover, business cover or golf cover  is needed. Our standard policy, although very cheap) also has a low excess (35.00) and great flexibility when considering pre-existing medical conditions. See our Redwood travel insurance that provides annual holiday travel insurance from 20.90.

Quotation button Our cheap online annual holiday travel insurance quote system will quote a range of travel insurance companies. Click on the cheap annual holiday travel insurance quote button or click this link for an immediate quotation and buy online.

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Our quotation system offers a range of policies. You should make sure that you request one that meets your requirements. In particular you should check that pre-existing medical conditions are covered, that the policy will pay out in the event of terrorist activity. We also suggest that you explore the options of having a policy with the excess deleted. Unlike car or home insurance the additional premium for deleting the policy excess can be very small.

Please also check that any activities that you intend to do e.g. winter sports, ski-ing etc are covered. In particular if you intend doing any dangerous activities with an increase in the risk of being injured you should read the policy wording carefully before you buy.

If you need help or advice about the type of cover you need, UK residents can contact us on 0844 8262617 or, if you get no reply, our Gateshead office on 0844 8262618. Our experienced staff are always pleased to assess your requirements and advise you on the best cheap annual travel insurance policy we have available.

UK travel insurance broker for all your holiday insurance needs

If you want to go back to our cheap travel insurance page then click here for cheap annual travel insurance page - more cheap travel insurance is available at our Cheap Travel Insurance page. If you are over 75 travel insurance is available at our over 75 travel insurance webpage and if you are over 75 and want annual travel insurance over 75 look at the over 75 annual travel insurance page. Finally for people going away for a long time we also do long stay travel insurance ( Long Stay Travel Insurance) with reduced rates for students needing backpacker insurance ( Backpacker Travel Insurance) as their needs are less.

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