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Quick Quote Facility - Unoccupied Property

Cover and Sums Insured

You should insure for the cost of rebuilding the property (including architects fees and debris removal) - this could be much less (or more) than the market value. If cover is required for contents inside then you must insure for the cost of replacing all the contents. There is a maximum sum insured of 1,000,000 for the building and 150,000 for the contents. Although some guidelines are shown please refer to the policy  or key facts document for full details of cover, exclusions and limitations. For higher sums insured click here. This scheme is available no matter why the property is unoccupied or if it is undergoing renovation. The cover provided is much wider than available under many unoccupied property schemes.

Postcode of property
Type of Property
Construction of Property
Sum Insured on Buildings (Compulsory unless proposer is the tenant or property is a single flat in a block insured elsewhere)
Sum Insured on Contents (optional) Valuables must not exceed 33% of total sum and no single valuable 5%
Professional alarm system?   An alarm system is not needed but a discount may be given if under maintenance contract.
Is accidental damage needed   (Not available for renovations.)
Years no claims on property  
Standard Excess Required A 250 escape of water excess and a 1,000 subsidence excess apply
Level of Cover Required.

Property unoccupied at inception can either be insured for limited cover (at a reduced premium) or for full cover, providing it qualifies for the unoccupancy clause.

Property undergoing structural renovation can only have limited cover.

Limited Cover - covers

Fire, Smoke, Explosion, Lightning and Earthquake
Storm or Flood
Subsidence, heave or landslip
Impact involving an aircraft, aerial device or anything falling from them, train, vehicle or animal
Breakage or collapse of satellite dishes, receiving aerials and their fittings or masts
Falling trees, branches, telegraph poles or lamp posts, including the cost of removing any that cause damage to the home
Accidental damage to Underground Pipes and cables (1,000 limit to clear a blocked underground pipe)
Emergency access to home to attend an event (above) that would cause damage

Full Cover - covers

ALL the benefits of Limited Cover PLUS
Riot, civil commotion, strike, labour or political disturbances, malicious persons or vandals
Escape of water or oil from any fixed water or heating installation or domestic appliance
Freezing of domestic water and heating installations resulting in damage thereto
Theft or attempted theft
Accidental breakage of fixed glass, solar panels, ceramic hobs or tops in fixed units and sanitary ware

There is a requirement that the central heating is either drained or left on at 13C continually, and that there are 5-lever door locks and window locks in operation for the full cover to be effective (See endorsement below)

Unoccupancy Clause

(Applies at inception for unoccupied property where full cover is requested.)
  1. Un-occupancy Clause
    1. YOU maintain YOUR central heating running at a temperature of no less than 13 degrees Celsius or the central heating system is fully drained, and
    2. YOUR front door is secured by a five lever mortice deadlock, and
    3. all opening windows in YOUR HOME are secured by key operated window locks, and
    4. YOUR HOME is visited by a responsible adult every week and a record kept
    WE agree that the exclusions of loss or damage occurring if YOUR HOME is left UNOCCUPIED other than in respect of CONTENTS in the Garden, shall not apply.
  2. Properties being renovated will not have this clause applies i.e. cover is restricted.