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Appliance insurance - extended warranty for multiple goods

This product is withdrawn from 1st April 2014

This is a summary of the appliance insurance policy now available for insurance of more than one home appliance at a time. To qualify for this insurance the home appliance must be less than 8 years old and more than One, bought in the UK, kept at your own house and used domestically (no business use or used in buy to let properties)

The cost of this insurance policy is very reasonable with up to five appliances being able to be covered on the one insurance policy. Plasma TV repair can be included for a small additional charge.

  • Up to 5 Items. - Maximum single article value : 3,000 OR

  • One monthly premium to cover all standard items (10.08) (equivalent to 120.96 / year) paid by direct debit (for 5 items) (or 7.06 (equivalent to 84.72 / year) for 3 items)

  • Initial monthly payment by debit/ credit card (no additional cost)

  • Can extend cover to include - for 1.06 per month per item

    • Plasma tv and LCD televisions (up to 63") (excludes pixellation/ screen image burn)

    • American-style Fridge Freezers

    • Range Style Cookers (No Aga's)

    • Combined washer/dryer

  • Monthly policy - can be cancelled at any time with no costs

  • Claim limit: 2,000 per 12-month period

  • 40 repairer deposit (excess) per claim

  • Excludes damage to cosmetic parts

  • Excludes wear & tear

  • Covers items up to 8 years old (reminders will be given!)

  • No claims within first 28 days of policy inception

  • Excludes products used for business, computers, mobile phones, laptops and articles purchased outside the UK.

  • If the article is broken and cannot be repaired then a new one will be provided - subject to policy limits.

If you have more than 5 items you can take out more than 1 policy. Please note that it is not easily possible to change from 1 policy to another (you would have to re-apply and the 28 day initial claim exclusion would then operate). You should therefore consider which policies to buy if you intend to buy additional products. To help you decide, below we have the cheapest options if you do not think you will need to add on extra items.

  • 3 items : 1 X 3 item policy (7.06)

  • 4 items : 1 X 5 item policy (10.08)

  • 5 items : 1 X 5 item policy (10.08)

  • 6 items : 2 X 3 item policy (14.12)

  • 7 items : 1 X 3 item, 1 X 5 item policy (17.14)

For more than 7 items - add a X 5 item policy until the items left are less than 8

Click here to view Key Facts Document (adobe acrobat viewer / equivalent needed) (opens in new window)

Click here to view policy wording (opens in new window)

Click here to make application (opens in new window). Please note that after you make your application you will have to call us with your bank and credit card details for us to activate to policy. Products must be out of manufacturer's warranty - i.e. more than 1 year old - and less than 8 years old.

Or call us on: 0844 8262618