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Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday Home Insurance in UK/ Northern Ireland

We can quote cheap holiday home insurance in the UK and Northern Ireland through our landlords insurance quotation system. We will quote for holiday homes that are used as second homes (for yourself and family / friends as well as holiday homes that are used as a business venture and let out on a regular basis.

This is the start of your Holiday Home insurance comparison quote. 

To compare holiday home insurance, you only need enter the part of the postcode to the LEFT of the space e.g. If you were looking for Darlington (DL14 7EN) - our office, you need only enter 'DL14". The system will ask you to confirm the number of the inward half on the next page - we do not need the last two letters to provide quotes (although we will need them in some cases if there is flooding or subsidence in the area.) (This is part of our buy-to-let quotation system)

Outward part of Postcode

More about insuring holiday homes

Since, by definition, a holiday home is not occupied continually, many insurance companies refuse to provide quotes unless the main dwelling is covered by them. This is particularly true if the home is used not only as a second home but also commercially.

There are two main reasons: The first is that the holiday home will be occupied by individuals and families who do not own the property hence are less likely to look after the building and contents whilst they are resident. The second, as alluded to, is that the property may be unoccupied for extensive periods and thus circumstances leading to potential loss or damage may not be spotted immediately, resulting in increased damage (and hence claim costs).

However many landlord insurance based companies offer holiday home insurance as an option with rates, terms and conditions appropriate to the perceived level of risk (these may be sums insured and location for instance). You can compare the insurance companies we offer using the submission form above.

Once you have the list of holiday home insurance quotes displayed, we recommend you complete a no-obligation application form and we will check the insurance quote (and compare it with other companies that are not shown online) and advise you as to the most suitable policy and the premium. This advice is free.

How to reduce the cost of holiday home insurance

The only real way to get a cheaper holiday home insurance quote is by increasing the excess on the insurance policy voluntarily.

Please note that the excess varies considerably, ranging from 50 to 250 before a voluntary excess is chosen. By selecting a voluntary excess, a more expensive policy, at first glance, may become cheaper than quotes with no voluntary excess, yet the total excess remains the same.

For smaller homes, where the sum insured is low, the discount resulting from increasing the excess may not warrant selecting the excess - having to find 250 or 500 in the event of a claim may be inconvenient - especially if the excess is applied twice by the insurance company due to a claim being made both on the buildings and contents section.

Comparing holiday home insurance

Other than the price, which prima facie is the obvious criteria, when comparing holiday home insurance attention should be made to the excess (see above) as well as whether the insurance includes accidental damage to the buildings and contents.

(It is quite possible that accidental damage cover can be included as an optional extra on those insurance policies that have a standard reinstatement or new for old cover, however when the extra premium is calculated a policy that was originally more expensive may be the cheapest.)

Experienced home owners should read through the insurance wording and key facts statements to ensure that the cover provided on cheaper policies is as adequate as that provided on the more expensive ones.

Holiday Home Insurance abroad and overseas

We can also quote for homes that are abroad. The countries for which we can quote are : France, Eire, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus. For your overseas holiday home insurance quote click here.

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