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Touring caravan insurance

Quotes for touring caravan insurance (including Hobby caravans) from many insurers.

Static caravan insurance

Quotes for static caravan insurance  from several insurers. Policies with no excess available

Quote Reference (Portwood use only)
How old are you
Make and model
Static or Touring model
Are you a Caravan Club member?
We can quote for European based static caravans BUT as the rate varies between each country we cannot quote on-line. To ask for a quote run this through and then complete the appropriate question on the submission form (you are under no obligation to take out the quote)
How old is the caravan
Is it a twin axle
If it is a tourer do you understand and comply with your driving licence terms? (see here)
what is the length of the caravan (in feet) Caravans over 7m (23') long MUST be twin axle and towed by a vehicle exceeding 3500kg
What is the width of the caravan in feet Caravans must not exceed 2.55m (8'4") to be towed on the road
What is the value of the caravan and equipment (but not awning)  (For static caravans - please include 2500 for site clearance and resiting)
If you want an awning covering enter it's value - else leave as '0' 
New for Old or Indemnity cover?
(If you select 'New for Old' you must insure for the cost of a new caravan. If you select 'Indemnity' you should insure for the market value). Many policies won't quote 'New for Old' for older caravans. The sum insured must include an amount for resiting/ clearing away old caravan if appropriate
Do you want contents covered? If so enter amounts. (policies may limit total cover or single article cover for TV/ Video/ Audio equipment) Personal effects    other than
                   TV/ Video/ Audio  
Caravan policies are not intended to cover valuables - we recommend that you insure them under your house contents policy on an all-risks basis.
What limit of public liability do you need? (5,000,000 may be available)
How many days will the caravan be used abroad (UK caravans only)
Where is caravan kept when not in use
Where is caravan usually kept e.g. site name/ postcode Postcode:
What sort of excess would you like
Have you an alarm of proprietary manufacture fitted and used?
Have you installed a 'Thiefbeaters' theft deterrent?
Have you made any claim in the last year on caravan insurance or any claims in last three years?
Have you had insurance cancelled, renewal refused, special terms imposed? Have you or wife been declared bankrupt or any convictions or will the caravan be used for business purposes?

Make of caravan:  We can provide caravan insurance for Hobby,  Roma, Lord Munsterland or Tabbert? (Some insurers will not accept other models)

NB If you have made claims in the last three years cover will be subject to the claims history being acceptable.

NB2. You will be offered several different quotations depending on your needs. If you have selected better benefits then a reduced premium may be available if you choose reduced ones. If no quotations appear then you should contact us on 0844 8262616 or e-mail us explaining your needs.

Static caravan insurance

Specific information is available on static caravan insurance. You may wish to look at the static caravan insurance page for additional details on cover and terms usually available for static caravan insurance.

Touring caravan insurance

Similarly conditions and exclusions found on touring caravan insurance are available. This can be found on our touring caravan insurance page. However please note that all policies vary and we will send you a policy summary before you commit yourself so ensure that the touring caravan insurance policy meets your requirements.

Driving licence rules for touring caravans

  • Before January 1997 there are no towing requirements other than the vehicle must not exceed 7500Kg maximum weight and the total Maximum Authorised Mass did not exceed 8250Kg

  • After January 1997 a second test is required to obtain the categories B+E and C1+E

    • a category B licence can tow any caravan of weight less than 750kg and larger ones provided that A) the total Maximum Authorised Mass (maximum car weight + caravan weight) did not exceed 3500Kg AND the caravan weighs less than the car

    • Category B+E: the vehicle must not exceed 3500Kg maximum weight but the combined weight of the vehicle and trailer may exceed 3500Kg

    • Category C1: A vehicle between 3500 and 7500Kg towing a caravan not exceeding 750Kg

    • Category C1+E: As C1 but towing any caravan exceeding 750Kg. The total MAM must not exceed 12000Kg and the caravan must not exceed the maximum weight of the vehicle

    • Category C and C+E are the same as C1 and C1+E except there is no weight limit

From 20th April 2010 caravans up to 2.55m wide can be towed behind any normal car subject to rules above.

Caravans exceeding 7 metres in length MUST be twin axle and towed by vehicles exceeding 3500Kg GVW subject to a maximum of 12 metres. and a total length of 18 metres.