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Static Caravan insurance.

B Portwood offer a range of policies online such as static caravan insurance, where  we compare cheap caravan insurance companies providing cover such as: Drewe, COAST amongst others to find the best rates. Information is provided elsewhere for touring caravan insurance, park homes insurance, as well as trailer tent insurance and camping equipment

Insurance Quotes for static caravans

Static Caravan Insurance

Insurance Cover for static caravans

Static caravan insurance cover

Static Caravan Cover

Insurance Exclusions for static caravans

Statc caravan insurance! Click for extra details on insurance exclusions and conditions

Static Caravan  exclusions

What is protected by Caravan insurance?

There is great variance in the protection insurance policies provide for a static caravan however the policy usually covers.  Loss or damage to the Caravan - including fixtures / fittings/ equipment (policy insures refrigerators, microwaves, cookers, gas bottles, awnings, steps, balconies, generators.) insurance is generally on an 'all-risks' basis. Unless something is excluded e.g. damage to mains cables supplying services, it will be insured. - see links above about exclusions. Cover extends to caravan contents: recommendation would be to effect cover on household policy (new for old, lower excess, higher sums insured. Also liability arising from caravan use. Additional benefits - transportation costs to review damage, alternative accommodation through loss-of-use. Compare two policies here.

Do you qualify?

Qualification depends on the following requirements.

  • Caravan mustn't be occupied as intended permanent residence
  • Caravan refrained from let out on hire (unless kept on a fixed site)
  • Caravan not used for business purposes
  • Caravan has to be regularly inspected when unoccupied


Insurance premiums are affected by location and security. A static caravan situated on a registered site with fences and a warden makes for cheaper insurance. (location is a better risk compared with elsewhere countrywide.) Proximity of caravan to sites with a history of being flooded (Belling Aquadrome!) may be uninsurable, unless flooding excluded.

Caravan insurance Rating Factors

Below is a summary of rating factors used to compare static caravan insurance and how to obtain cheaper quotes.

  • Your age - Discounts are available, making cheaper premiums for the over 50. 

  • Caravan age - Older caravans are worth less. The resulting reduction in sums insured reduces the premium.

  • New for Old or Indemnity? New for old requires insurance quotes based on a new Caravan purchase price (which will exceed original cost). Indemnity insurance policy, based on the market value: deductions made for wear and tear. Sum insured probably reduced each renewal accordingly..

  • Re-siting costs responsibility. Caravan owners  are responsible: include the cost or re-siting/ removal of damage in the sum insured. The costs should be included in the total sum insured, but one insurer specifically requires information provided.

  • Caravan club Membership. Some insurance companies recognise that caravan club members are more enthusiastic and thus more careful. Fewer claims reduce the caravan insurance cost - resulting in cheaper insurance

  • Previous Caravan insurance - claim free policyholders receive substantial no claims discount, resulting in cheaper insurance premiums.

  • Taking an excess - Cheaper premiums available by increasing an excess e.g. 200 instead of 50 or 75. However when you compare your insurance quote, not every company offers discounts: those that do may be more expensive. (We have caravan policies with NO excess for damage - however minimum claim must exceed 100 - see our quotation system. Technically denominated in insurance parlance; 'a franchise'.

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B Portwood & Co Ltd

B Portwood & Co are insurance brokers based in North East England. (Caravan insurance is administered at our Consett office)  Established 1963, we believe in looking after customers and treating them fairly. More information  available by clicking our contact us link.

Office Addresses

44 Medomsley Road 145 Newgate Street
Consett Bishop Auckland
County Durham County Durham
DH8 5HA DL14 7EN


Payment options

The following payment options are available:

  • Cash (if you visit our office) or cheque: no additional fee

  • Debit Card : Taken over the phone : no additional fee

  • Credit Card: Processed over the phone : 3.00 fixed fee

  • Direct Debit: Not available for every policy. Interest depends on specific policy.

A general overview of static caravan insurance

Although not required by law, static caravan insurance is the sensible course of the prudent caravan owner. A caravan can be a major investment with static models costing up to 100,000 and it makes sense to protect that investment against unforeseen loss or damage. Even in the most secluded sites there is always the chance of fire breaking out or criminals breaking in to steal goods and personal posessions.

Selecting a suitable site to place the caravan is a major concern. No doubt decisions will be made regarding the sites beauty, and time taken to reach the site from home. However the propinquity to desirable landmarks, places of historic interest or access to the coast will no doubt take their place.

This leads us onto a key criteria for caravan insurance - the likelihood of a claim having to be made due to the site being flooded. Some sites have a reputation and flood cover may no longer be available. We recommend that you check with the market to ensure that the site selected does not fall into that criteria. A site close to a riverbank by the River Severn may provide tranquil surroundings, however seeing your caravan float away in November and December is not condusive to a Merry Christmas. Flooding may still happen, in some respects, fortunately recent bad weather has identified those sites likely to flood and other sites should be reasonably safe.

And now to the actual purchase of caravan insurance from our website. As brokers, we have facilities from a range of providers who offer several different policies. Our comparative quotation system summarises the cheap options available allowing the caravan owner to find a suitable policy to meet their requirements. These depend on some extent as to the sum insured and whether reinstatement/ new for old or just indemnity cover is required. You may rest assured, however, that we have some of the cheapest rates on the market and, being brokers, we aim to look after all our customers whether they required cover for a 10,000 or a 50,000 caravan.

There are several uses to which a caravan may be put and that may have an effect on the caravan insurance available. Generally speaking if the caravan is to be used as a permanent residence, rather than just holidays, insurers may not be prepared to offer cover. Similarly caravans situated away from registered sites would have to be looked at on a bespoke basis - and this particularly applies to those being used for temporary accommodation whilst property is being renovated - or even on a self-build basis.

Duty to disclose material facts

Please read this IMPORTANT NOTICE about requirements. We accept no liability for any loss that occurs due to your failure to comply. 

Please call and we'll discuss your needs. Your policy could be invalid if you failed to disclose all pertinent facts.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm, except Tuesday (10.00am for training). Saturday 9.00am - 12.00 Noon

Please call 0844 8262617 for help during office hours, or use the quote button above.

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