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Why travel insurance is so cheap

Cheap travel insurance can be bought online. We, ourselves offer a range of travel insurance policies that you can buy online - we specialise in the mature market - travel insurance over 65 or travel insurance over 75.

You can buy cheaper travel insurance online and the article quotes explains why. In general online travel insurance companies use the fact that the excess on the policy is applied per person, per section of policy for each claim made.

Thus for one instance the excess may be applied half a dozen times! Our best travel insurance (The Biba Contract offered by Tokio Marine) only applies the excess once per person (maximum of twice) per claim, not per section. Of course this means it is a bit more expensive than the rubbish bought online.

But if you find the insurance company have deducted 400 due to multiple applications of an excess you would probably wish you had bought your policy through us in the first place.

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