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Domestic Boiler Insurance - Homecall+

Possible ramifications

Homecall+ offered domestic boiler insurance through Insurance Brokers. Up to the start of last year we offered a policy Encore. When Encore was advised by Brit that Brit no longer wished to underwrite the policy when the renewal came they, quite correctly told us that they could no longer offer the policy to us.

It now appears that Homecall+ have continued to trade even after Brit pulled the underwriting of their scheme from them - in December 2010. In effect this means that the 'cover' was being underwritten by Homecall themselves (which they are not allowed to do under FCA rules).

This means that policies sold before December last year will still be in force and that people who have cover purchased before then will still be able to claim under them. They will, however, have problems finding tradesmen and if you have a Homecall policy you may wish to look for cover elsewhere.

If you have purchased your policy after December 2010 then you have no cover. You will be able to make a claim against Homecall+ for the return of the premium and if you have a claim outstanding then you should be covered under the FSCS for 90% of the amount, if Homecall cannot meet their obligations.

Obviously if you want the cover then a new gas boiler insurance policy should be taken out.


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