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Extended Warranty Insurance

The OFT have launched an enquiry into extended warranty insurance.

As brokers who supply extended warranty insurance for household appliances, including TVs, computer games etc this article naturally caught our eye.

We offer a multi appliance extended warranty insurance policy - insure 3 or 5 articles for a single monthly premium of about 10 or 7. However we do insist that all articles are out of manufacturers warranty before insuring them - it makes no sense for customers to insure something that does not require insurance in the first place!

As usual, to us, it is the same old story. Extended warranty insurance can be a good product to buy providing all the information is provided and there is no pressure on the customer exerted by the salesman. If, personally, I get annoyed at an attempt my usual question is "Do you think the product is made so badly that I'll need it? If so I don't want the product!"

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