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A victory for Liability Insurance Providers

Some good news on the public liability insurance and employers liability insurance sector.

The fact that an employee was injured whilst dog walking  through slipping on the ground raised potential concerns that firms that required staff to work outside could become liable for their injuries should they slip.

The usual position was that if a firm didn't do anything then there was no liability attaching (provided of course that the ground wasn't inherently dangerous and under their control), However if an alteration was done (similar to clearing snow from outside the front door) then a degree of competence was required.

This case threatened to overturn that and make it a requirement that employers would have to ensure that a proper safe path would have to be installed so that employees could walk on a firm, non-slippy surface. The costs would have been horrendous for small businesses and, until the paths had been built, substantial claims could arise.

Fortunately the judgement shows that a reasonable duty of care is all that is required. Firms and insurers should be heaving a sigh of relief at the result.

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